5 Meditation Superpowers You Can Achieve Right Now

Meditation is a powerful way for strengthening the mind, achieving mental clarity and preventing mental disease. All of these are good enough reasons to sit on the mat and focus on your breathing for ten minutes.

But there is so much more to meditation than that. It can literally change your life AND your perception of everything. It can make you a living god, or provide you with realization that you are one already.

The best thing about it is that you can start to harness meditation superpowers right now. Well, after reading the following information and practical tips:

Meditation Superpowers

1. Laser focus

The rise of technology has led to a scattering of mental focus. That’s the curse of multitasking. You probably have multiple tabs open right now.

My friend uses two monitors, one to play games and another to watch a movie. That’s crazy! His mind is working double-time, but it’s not getting any more productive. In fact, he’s lost the ability to read books because it’s too boring for him. He now needs two screens for entertainment, one is not enough for his lacking attention span!

If you want to perform any serious task and be efficient at it, you need to stay focused on it for long enough to complete it. If you can stay focused for long periods of time, nothing is out of your reach. You can get things done faster and with less effort. Procrastination becomes a thing of the past.

Laser focus is a meditation power that is easiest to achieve in gradations. If you meditate for 10 minutes  a day you’ll improve somewhat. And the longer you meditate the better your focus will become.

I also recommend doing “concentration meditation” to acquire this superpower. In other words focus on something while you’re meditating. It can be a dot on the wall, your breath, a mantra, a chant, whatever. Just keep yourself focused on ONE THING. You’ll notice that focus is then easier to achieve in other tasks throughout the day.

2. Fearlessness

Fear is the most stifling emotion, preventing you from enjoying life to its fullest and creating the spiritual, financial and relationship success you deserve.

If you’re constantly doubting yourself, worried about what you’ll say, if someone will laugh at you or talk behind your back, whether you’ll get hurt if you try something new than meditation can definitely help.

Meditation makes you more in tune with the vibrations of the universe. As your vibration becomes similar to that of your surroundings, you’ll begin to realize that the world is not a hostile place it was when your vibration was out of whack.

Those who are perfectly in tune with the vibration of the Universe are considered enlightened. They’ve become One with the Universe, without fear, hate, sadness, anxiety, depression or any other feelings that come from the ego-mind. Achieving unity with the universal mind is the goal of all higher spirituality.

Just like with laser focus, you can work in small improvements towards achieving this superpower. The more you meditate the more you’ll correct your vibrations and the less fear you’ll experience. This will make you a lot more powerful than those around you who are constantly worrying about the future and by doing so allow excellent opportunities to pass them by.

If fearlessness is your main goal, perform mindfulness meditation rather than concentration meditation. Mindfulness meditation will bring you closer to universal consciousness as you neglect the ego for a while.

Simply observe your thoughts and let them go one by one until no thoughts arise. Then enjoy the state of thoughtless tranquility for a while and turn this state of mind into a power that you can tap into at any time.

3. Reduced sleep

The more you meditate the less sleep you need. Meditation places you in a restful state that is even better than sleep. By meditating for 10-15 minutes before going to sleep you can cut down on your sleep by 1 to 2 hours. Some Buddhist monks no longer need to sleep at all, or they sleep for a few hours in a seated position.

Imagine all the things you could accomplish if you could get the perfect rest from just 2-3 hours of sleep each night? As with other meditation superpowers, raising the time and intensity of your meditation sessions will improve your results.

This is a lifetime process but starting tonight by a short 10-15 minute meditation before bed you can start to enjoy the reduced sleep requirements and work from there.

4. Perfect health

Meditation can improve your mental health beyond anything you can imagine. But it can also improve your physical health. Partly because your mental state and your physical health are connected.

If you’re stressed out, anxious or depressed this will reflect poorly on your health. You might develop autoimmune disorders, allergies, cardiovascular problems etc. You might also acquire poor eating habits or develop an addiction to cope with these mental and physical issues.

Any step of the way meditation will help in alleviating the problems completely or at the very least reducing the symptoms. But not only that, meditation can help prevent many diseases by improving your breathing patterns and digestion. Breathing is the source of life, and we inhale and exhale thousands of times every day.

If your breathing pattern is irregular, it can lead to respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, poor digestion ALONG WITH poor mental conditions mentioned before such as anxiety and depression. Meditation is all about breathing gently and slowly. This style of breathing increases C02 and improves oxygen delivery to the cells. It also leads to relaxation.

The opposite of slow and relaxed breathing is hyperventilation, when breathing is fast and heavy. Some advanced yogis inhale and exhale once every minute. Some do it only once every few minutes. The less air you need, the healthier you are. Meditation slows down your breathing and by doing so it improves the oxygenation of the body.

I highly recommend checking the Buteyko Method to understand the science behind this phenomena. Especially if you suffer from asthma, nasal congestion or poor digestion. All of these conditions can be caused by an irregular breathing pattern and they can often be fixed by simply correcting the way that the person breathes through meditation and related techniques.

5. Crazy endurance

With meditation comes reduced breathing, with reduced breathing comes crazy endurance and improved athletic performance. Just think about it from a logical standpoint. Imagine a person that starts to breath heavily after walking a flight of stairs. Imagine another person who breathes normally after walking the same flight of stairs. Who’s in better shape? Well, obviously the one who didn’t have to breathe heavily because it wasn’t difficult for them.

To improve your endurance you definitely have to perform workouts aimed at improving endurance. But meditation can provide a significant boost to your results by retraining your breathing pattern so that your breathing remains calm even while your body is under a lot of stress. Navy Seals and professional athletes have figured this out a long time ago.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is pretty effective at this which is why its a preferred method of Navy Seals. It requires finding a mantra and repeating it (not out loud) for 20 minutes. You’ll notice as you repeat the mantra that your breathing slows down or you simply inhale and exhale way less than usual. This is why TM is so effective and why celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and David Lynch swear by it.

I remember watching Seinfeld speech about the effect that TM has had on his life, and he mentioned that training after a TM session is amazing. Guess why? REDUCED BREATHING REQUIREMENTS. He didn’t put it into words like that, treating it as a magical effect, but anyone who’s studied the Buteyko Method and Hatha Yoga will know that this is the reason.

Both of those practices are focused on reduced breathing, and TM provides a similar effect. So if you’re interested in the superpower of crazy endurance, utilize the Buteyko Method or Hatha Yoga or TM to your advantage.

I wrote about TM at length and how you can practice without paying anyone anything. It usually costs $1000 to learn the method from a TM teacher, but in this article you can learn it for free.

Final Word: Meditation Superpowers

There are many great reasons to meditate, and the five meditation superpowers that I’ve just explained probably top the list. We could also mention third eye activation, visualization powers, full spiritual enlightenment and many others.

But the superpowers mentioned in this article are easier to accomplish and pretty straight forward. You can start receiving the benefits immediately after your first session. As you progress further by meditating on a regular basis, reducing your breathing and improving concentration, even greater results will follow.

Out of these five superpowers, I’ve experienced all five to some extent. Crazy endurance the most since I’m also a long distance swimmer. But there have been some amazing improvements in my mental state and reduced sleep requirements as well.

Regardless of your goals, you will definitely benefit from regular meditation in one way or another and it will be worth the effort you put in AND THEN SOME. Hope this helps!

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