Goddess Freya: Offerings, Crystals, Herbs

The goddess Freya is the most important goddess in Nordic mythology and in the life of the Vikings. Freya, the name itself flows easily from the lips of the Arians, sinks into antiquity, and is deeply imprinted in the early beginnings of our genetic memory.

Indeed, the ancient, voluptuous seductress, Freya of Vanir, taught Father Wotan the shamanic art of seidr. Therefore, it is not surprising that she remained the main image of the seidr practitioners. Seidr is a form of Aryan shamanism involving trance (altered states of consciousness) and divination, which originated with Freya. In her conception, seidr was a mystical, feminine power. This can sometimes involve shape-shifting, astral body travel through the nine worlds, prophecy, sexual magic, consumption of certain herbs, and knowledge of runes. The art of seidr is known as the “technique of ecstasy.”

She is the one who leads the Valkyries to and from the battlefields. She is the twin sister of the god Frey, the daughter of Njord and Nerthus, wife of the supreme god Odin, and the alter ego of Mother Frigga, Freya, the goddess of love, fertility, magical and mystical knowledge. Like Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek mythology, or Isis, the goddess of fertility in ancient Egypt, Freya is a highly revered supernatural figure in Nordic mythology, inspiring artistic works up to the 19th century and beyond.

I’m sure everyone feared at least once Friday the 13th. But did you know it might be the opposite? Freya is believed to have inspired the name “Friday” and in pagan ages, it was a day destined for celebration. 13 was believed to be a holy number since it was linked to the 13 monthly moon and menstruation cycles, and the number itself contains the connotation of death and rebirth. Also, Friday is a Venus day, and Venus rules over music, femininity, love, and sex, characteristics that are also associated with Freya.

In tarot, I associate Freya with the tarot card The Chariot. That is because The Chariot is a card of determination and willpower. This card usually appears when you need encouragement and confidence in yourself. The Chariot is about gaining control in one’s own life, and Freya’s determination, passion, sex-positivity, and capacity to overcome being eaten alive highlight this.

Offerings for the goddess of love and fertility

Freya is a loving deity that appreciates honesty, kindness, and transparency, so always approach her with sincere intentions. Don’t forget that an offering does not have to be made on a sacred day. Presents can always be provided at any time and for any purpose. Consider your connection with a deity as if this is a new acquaintance you respect and wish to impress. So why would you wait only for the “special days” to make an impression?

Although she loves expensive stuff – she is a lady after all – the most important thing is that everything you offer her is from the heart. If you are a beginner, you can start with devotional acts such as learning about runes, studying seidr and herbalism,honoring the dead, helping your local animal shelter, and connecting with nature. Don’t transform your work with the deity into some homework, don’t take more on your shoulders than you can carry. Start at your own pace and focus your intentions on building a connection with her.

Freya is a deity that can help you in multiple areas of your life. Even though you don’t need a specific intention for every gift you will lay on her altar, you can put particular intentions within your offerings.

  • She is well known as a goddess of sexuality and fertility, so she can be a strong ally in this sector. She can also help you with your sense of self, how to accept and stop doubting yourself, find a lover, or simply how to love yourself more. For this type of work, these are the things that work best: honey, poetry, chocolate, bread, and fresh fruits.
  • Also, she can be your biggest protector; she is a warrior goddess, after all. When you develop a strong connection with her, she will most probably be like a mother figure in your life; she will always be by your side to protect you. She is known to have a weak spot for people who have been abused, especially by a lover. For this, I would recommend feathers or bones. Blood magic might be needed for extreme cases but avoid that if you are just starting out or you don’t know how to proceed in this case.
  • If you have a pet in need, Freya can be a big helper in that case. She often assists the pets in need with their health, especially about animals giving birth. Tokens of the animal in question or humanely acquired animal parts are appropriate to be given to her.

Don’t forget that she is a Norsedeity, so alcohol (especially wine) is always a good option. Other offerings that I recommend are ladybugs, sunflowers, daisies, cat whiskers, gold jewelry, bowls with her runes, amber incense, lavender, and rose quartz. Don’t forget to always follow your gut and listen to what she tells you.

Signs that Freya wants to work with you

The Goddess Freya is known for reaching out in subtle ways. It might be tough to discern if she is the goddess reaching out to you, but there are certain tell-tale signs. Freya is often associated with cats, so pay close attention to your surroundings; maybe a cute little cat in your household wants to tell you something. Those are the number one sign since she is known to have a chariot driven by two massive cats. Also, rabbits and ladybugs appearing out of nowhere can be another sign.

Another way she likes to communicate is through visions or dreams, so pay close attention to that, especially to vivid dreams of pregnancy, pigs, northern lights, or rainbows. Other indications that she is around you and wants to work with you are finding random feathers and a strong pull toward magic, self-care, and shadow work.

Crystals and herbs associated with Freya

The plants affiliated with her are Almond, Arnica, Bedstraw, Benzoin, Bird Berry, Clover, Cypress, English Daisy, Hemp, Henbane, Holly, Mistletoe, Opium Poppy, Primrose, Rose, and Strawberry. Freya’s sacred stone is Amber. Other crystals associated with Freya are Red Agate, Tourmaline, Carnelian, Citrine, and Jade.

Freya is an easy-going deity, easy to work with, and very helpful in many areas of one’s life. She is both gentle and charming, yet she is also fierce and powerful. In my experience, she is one of the best deities to work with, especially if you are a beginner.

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