Are Vampires Allergic to Silver

According to all cultures that know of vampires (virtually all traditional cultures), they are indeed allergic to silver. Silver has been used to harm vampires and to protect settlements against them, but also to track them down and kill them.

Why Vampires Are Allergic to Silver

A few theories have arisen among investigators of paranormal activities and experts. The main one is that silver encapsulates the power of the sun. We know that the ultraviolet sun rays burn both vampires and werewolves.

Many people would suspect that gold holds the power of the sun, while silver holds the power of the moon. However, the moon only reflects the light of the sun. Likewise, silver is the mineral that is closest to the moon, but for that reason it contains the power of the sun. The only power that the moon can provide is its reflective potential.

So essentially, silver is a mineral that transmits and weaponizes ultraviolet rays which otherwise harm vampires and werewolves in broad daylight.

How Silver Harms Vampires

There are many ways to use silver as a weapon against vampires. The most common ones include imbuing with or crafting standard weapons out of silver. Such as swords, daggers, arrows and bullets.

Another way is to trick a vampire into drinking a concoction imbued with silver, such as colloidal silver which is used by humans for healing purposes.

Basically any way to get silver in a vampire on its skin will get the job done. The time and amount play a part in its potential power as well. A bullet can be the best choice because it gets inside the skin and is harder to remove. But having a vampire drink a silver concoction, while difficult, would certainly produce powerful damage as well. A standard silver blade can also be powerful depending on how large of a cut it produces.

A wound made with silver doesn’t heal as quickly as an ordinary wound. But vampires can still heal from smaller amounts of silver. Werewolves on the other hand are ten times more vulnerable. Even small amounts and for a shorter exposure to silver can be the end for a werewolf.

Does it matter if the silver is pure?

While werewolves react to even the slightest amounts of silver, vampires are more resistant. It really does matter if the silver is pure and how much is used. A pure, 100% silver bullet damaging an internal organ can be fatal. A 50% silver bullet might cause serious damage but doesn’t mean certain death.

Is silver a vampire repellent?

If a vampire knows that the person is carrying a silver weapon they’ll naturally be more cautious. But it’s not a direct, instinctual repellent like garlic or even a wooden cross.

While a vampire can smell the garlic and see the wooden cross, it can’t magically sense that a weapon is loaded with silver bullets.

This is both a good and a bad thing. It gives the person a chance to surprise the menacing creature. But it can also lead to unnecessary conflict since the vampire might wrongly assume that the person is harmless.

Final Word: Are Vampires Allergic to Silver

Vampires are clearly allergic to silver when its in direct contact with their body. But they don’t have any direct way of knowing if someone is carrying silver or not, unless its clearly visible.

Having said that, some paranormal experts argue that silver crosses are more effective at chasing them away than wooden crosses for obvious reasons.

If a person has a silver cross, who knows what other silver object they’re carrying. Perhaps a dagger, or a lethal injection of colloidal silver? In either case, definitely stack on some silver imbued weaponry before your next vampire hunt and stay safe out there.

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