How to Summon a Vampire

Vampires are the blood sucking entities that most traditional societies believed in and feared. There are some accounts of vampires being seen by people. Such sightings usually occur at nighttime since vampires cannot expose themselves to sunlight without getting burned.

Whether vampires exist in physical form is debatable. But they most definitely exist in the astral plane, the subtle region between the fully physical world that we inhabit, and the fully spiritual world inhabited by purely spiritual entities.

Since vampires possess a subtle, astral body, they can be summoned into this reality, just like demons and angels. Here are the most important things to know on how to summon a vampire if you wish to do so yourself.

Things You Should Know Before Summoning a Vampire

1. Vampires are dangerous

Unlike the more recent Hollywood depiction of vampires as cute and lovely boyfriends, they are more akin to Dracula and some much more gruesome. Vampires feed off the energy of other beings. If they haven’t fed for a long time, they can be very violent and completely disregard any feelings they have towards their victim

2. Most vampires feed off of energy, not blood

While there are some accounts of physical vampires that drink blood, they are usually interested in energy. You’ve probably heard the term “energy vampire” for a person who drains others of energy with their negativity.

The same is true for the actual vampires living in the astral plane. Such an entity can attach itself to a person’s astral body like an annoying tick and drain it of energy, causing depression, illness and other negative side effects of reduced energy/chi/prana.

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3. Vampires are hard to control

Unfortunately there isn’t as much information about summoning vampires as there is about summoning spirits such as demons and angels. So there aren’t any bullet-proof precautions available either.

In other words, there are certain things that a summoner can do when summoning a demon in order to protect himself from the demons negative influences. There are magical circles, certain banishing spells etc.

But the same isn’t true for vampires. You have to go by your feeling and intuition alone, so the results are quite unpredictable.

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4. Three reasons to summon a vampire

Before doing a vampire summoning ritual, ask yourself why do you want to attract a vampire into your life? Are you feeling lonely and need a powerful companion with a shoulder to cry on?

In that case, angels are a much safer alternative. Do you need help with money, love, spiritual enlightenment, health, gaining respect of others? Again, angels AND demons are the better alternative.

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The only three somewhat justifiable reasons to summon a vampire are:

1) You want a vampire lover

This is an interesting reason, and I’ve in fact written about it in the past. So if that interests you, you can read it in my article How to Summon a Succubus or Incubus.

These entities are demons/energy vampires from the astral plane. They are known for their love-making expertise, typically in dreams, hpynosis and trance state.

When they come out of their own volition, they usually drain the victim of energy. But if you learn how to summon them properly, they can be wonderful companions for many creative activities.

2) You want to become a vampire yourself

If you want to become a vampire with the power to cause harm to others by draining them of energy, then you will need a vampire to lay that curse on you first.

Now, I don’t see any good reason why you’d want this. Being a vampire is quite unpleasant, because vampires are slaves of their eternal thirst. I say eternal, because vampires are trapped in the astral plane for eternity.

So even after physical death, you would remain stuck in the astral plane. The only way to leave is to refuse to feed off of energy for a long period of time, until the vampiric astral body vanishes, along with one’s soul.

3) You want the vampire to attack someone

This is a more common reason for summoning a vampire. You want to summon a vampire and direct it at another person as part of a personal vendetta.

Again, I don’t recommend this, because vampires are unpredictable and difficult to control. If they can’t reach the other person, they might feed off of your own energy instead.

There also isn’t a guarantee that the vampire will leave anytime soon once it is summoned. It’s better to summon a demon instead, and there are many to choose from.

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How to Summon a Vampire

If you still wish to summon a vampire, I won’t stand in your way. I’ll provide you with a guide that will maximize your chances of summoning a vampire and staying safe throughout this operation.

1. Learn how to lucid dream, astral project and/or perform enter a trance state

The first step to summoning a vampire is tuning into the right spiritual frequency.

Lucid dreaming is a skill that allows you to be conscious while dreaming. This is one of the best mental states for summoning a spiritual entity.

Astral projection is a skill that allows you to leave your physical body behind. You are then using your astral body and traveling through the astral plane, a higher and more subtle reality. In this reality you can see and communicate with various spiritual entities.

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Lastly, entering a trance state is important when conducting any magic ritual, including summoning rituals. Trance state can be induced with meditation, chanting, mantras, intoxicating substances, fasting, not sleeping for a long period of time etc.

Obviously, some of these trance inducing methods are safer and easier than others, and I’m not advocating either one of them, just sharing what is commonly used by summoners. Once you enter the trance state, you can summon an entity by calling it by its name or visualizing it into maninfestation.

2. Visualize the vampire

Vampires can be visualized into a visible state when you’re lucid dreaming/astral projection/in a trance state.

Start by visualizing a red gemstone, such as a ruby. This is the heart of the vampire. From there, imagine red rays spreading into all direction and forming a clearly visible body, the body of your vampire.

Don’t force this process, imagining the exact details. Allow the body to form as it pleases, otherwise you are more likely to create a servitor, which is an entirely different entity.

3. Make your desire known

When the vampire has been summoned, he/she will be curious about what you did it. You need to explain your desire or request, ask the vampire if it is interested or not.

Perhaps you will need to seal a pact, giving something in return for its service. Make sure you’re comfortable with whatever the entity is demanding before making a pact.

Once you make a pact, it’s important to follow through, otherwise the vampire has the permission to stay indefinitely and cause spiritual and perhaps more tangible harm as well.

4. Reap the benefits or suffer the consequences

I can’t say how your vampire summoning operation will pan out. With the process explained in these steps, you will have a significant possibility of summoning an energy vampire into your life.

The process is simple, but requires some work up front as you build up your lucid dreaming/astral projection/trance induction skill. Keep in mind that these three skills are used to summon other spirits as well, so they’re quite useful even apart from your desire to summon a vampire.

So that’s all fine. But I can’t tell you if the vampire will be benevolent or harmful, if he will be easily commanded or do whatever he/she pleases, regardless of your request. Unlike demons, vampires are not entities that people usually summon, they’re more “wild” so to speak.

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