Astral Projection While Sleeping: A Frightening And Illuminating Experience

Sleep is a favorable period for astral separation, that is, the desynchronization between our etheric body and our physical body. An out of the physical body experience or decorporation is a natural and beneficial phenomenon although we usually do not keep any memory of it.

This double etheric of ourselves was a reality well known to Gnostics. This current of thought was in struggle with the authorities of the Christian Orthodox Church of the 2nd and 3rd century. The Gnostic movement within the Christian religion was quickly seen as a threat to the hierarchy of the religious body structured around the intercession of priests and bishops. 

Gnosticism emphasized the ability of each human being to enter into direct contact with God without going through an earthly intermediary. Gnostics defined the human being as a divine soul imprisoned in a material vehicle, the physical body. Inner self-knowledge made it possible to find God in oneself.

The first council of Nicea in the year 325 proclaimed the dominion of the priests and bishops to finally establish the unity of the Christian Church. As a result, the Gnostic gospels were declared prohibited. Realities such as astral projection were decried and became prohibited practices along with them. The gnostic knowledge, based on mysticism and personal revelation, faded in the face of the persecutions to which they were subjected. Knowledge was reversed in order to shamefully dress it with the title of heretical beliefs.

Deeply inscribed in the human psyche, a dull fear still arises today whenever the theme of the decoration and astral duplication is raised. The human being is however modeled in such a way that a divine part can detach from its physical bonds during sleep.

The Qur’an also offers a precious reference to the capacity of consciousness to detach from the physical body:

Sura 39, Az Zumar, Verse 42: Allah receives souls at the time of their death as well as those who do not die during their sleep. He retains those to whom He has decreed death, while He dismisses the others until a fixed term. There is certainly evidence there for people who reflect.

This detachment can be carried out with different subtle bodies (etheric, mental, astral, causal) to reach different planes of consciousness. According, we then speak of duplication or decorporation, then of astral projection, and finally of astral travel.

This detachment is an externalization of consciousness.

Night shadows

The night is a good time to clear the veil separating the visible world from the invisible world. The plane of human thought is less fueled by the creations of our psyches. At the same time, the lowering of my mind gives me more room for receptivity to what is going on in the subtle planes.

I often wake up at night because of murmurs of voices around my bed. When it comes to touching my body gently or with force, I am even more abruptly out of my reveries. These visits are of several kinds. I’m learning to recognize them.

They are predatory in nature when it comes to unwanted intrusions from the astral plane.

They are most often gentle and caring. It is more difficult to define its identity or nature. They don’t usually try to wake me up because they are more aimed at my unconscious. They sometimes lavish care on me. These presences do not wish to frighten me or necessarily be recognized in their identity. My higher Self knows them but my little self is not always able to understand their meaning.

But for the past few months, nocturnal visits of a new expression have been occurring.

One or more presences try to wake me up voluntarily. A snap of the finger out of nowhere. An incomprehensible word repeated several times. Feelings on my face or on my chest. Indistinct tickling. Opening my eyes, in the night darkness or at the edge of the day lighting my room, I see sometimes a silhouette creeping furtively behind one of the curtains of my window, sometimes run at the foot of my bed to pass through the bedroom door.

Depending on the nights, the presence materializes as a moving blur or as a shadow with a more or less distinct outline.

The risk of talking about it around you

The repetition of these night visits led me to raise the subject with people likely to understand what I was going through. I was very surprised by the feedback and comments. As soon as I described these presences as moving shadows or dark silhouettes, it triggered a negative interpretation of my experiences.

Some people envisioned that they could be wandering souls or dead people looking for someone to send a message with. Others perceived these presences as negative entities. There were many warnings about me. A suspicious look was placed on me while throwing me that I had to have flaws that attract parasites of the astral. I was suggested to be more in the light because it was because of my personal shadow that I put myself in such a situation. This could end with recommendations of techniques read on the Internet to send light to these entities, to create a vibration shield, to invoke the Violet Flame or to consider energy care that would solve my “problems”.

Faced with this overflow of good intentions and miracle recipes, I decided to no longer raise the subject!

What disturbed me the most was not so much intellectual fraud as an expression of beliefs that kept us separate from the invisible. If Knowledge of the nature of presence is lacking, there cannot be an informed diagnosis and therefore an adequate solution.

I recognize a vibrational sensitivity as much in front of a physical person as in front of an immaterial entity. These nocturnal presence were not unpleasant to be around energetically, nor threatening and even less predatory. The mere fact of having mentioned their somber appearance had been enough to spark distrust among my interlocutors.

These cognitive shortcuts shape our thinking so that we always have the feeling of control.

The ego is not at the service of liberation of consciousness but keeps it within the limits of the known.

The burden of proof is found on the one who tries to understand a mystical experience out of the ordinary. By sharing a lived situation, in search of an understanding, I found myself doubting myself more by the hasty conclusions which were formulated to me in response.

All of these people have indirectly reminded me of a precious lesson. Inner sovereignty is the key that unlocks the doors of all mysteries.

In contact with an Etheric Double

My spiritual guides made no direct answer to this mystery. I had to learn to unlock its access. They tested me and waited for me to learn from this experience. They worked with me so that I would open myself up to a new side of the reality of our world.

I performed more cardiovascular and yoga activities, a combination that helps me create inner space. I have mentally prepared myself to release fears to open myself to greater sensitivity. I worked on my breathing and my relaxation before each sleep. And above all, I asked my Soul to understand.

My nocturnal perception of these presences gradually became more refined. The timbre of the voice became clearer. Let’s call it clear-hearing. I heard more clearly. I heard a child’s laughter and then a distinct “Dad”. A first time to wake up, followed by a second time while I was straightened up on my bed. Presence was playing around around the bed and calling me every time I looked in the wrong direction. It was my 3 year old daughter. It was a lighter, more translucent fuzzy shape than usual.

The full awareness of his Double

I remembered what my daughter had told me several times. She had been telling me for weeks that she got up at night to play in the living room or to go see her candy. As her older sister confirmed to me that she had not moved from her bed all night, I put this on the account of dreams.

I started interviewing my daughters. The older girl remembered a dream when she was in my room and she snapped her fingers. As soon as I woke up, it woke her up. But for her, it was just a dream.

For the youngest, she was certain to have gotten up some nights. She described to me in great detail what she was doing, that she was looking for someone to play but that her sister did not always want to ride with her. She told me that last night she came to hug me. And indeed, I had been awakened once again by a feeling of weight on my body and a small electric wriggle on the left cheek. I asked her if she remembered what she had told me. She repeated her exact words and that finished convincing me. It was slightly disturbing. While mom and dad use all the tricks to put untiring children to bed at a reasonable hour, and mom and dad have mourned the late morning mornings, I find myself facing a new challenge at night…

Astral split

Having had the physiological necessity of getting up three nights ago, I was only moderately surprised to see a shadow fall down the stairs. The living room candy drawer had once again been “haunted” that night. When I saw her go down the stairs, I knew she was headed for her room to return to her physical body. His move was very fast. Although it passes through the doors, it takes a known path the rest of the time.

The Double is still very sensitive to earthly impressions. He is shy. Unable to leave the physical world, he generally does not venture out of known places. The Double is extremely sensitive which leads it to flee at the slightest noise or movement of the physical world. Brutally feeling a fall in the void followed by an immediate and painful awakening, is the perfect illustration of a frightened return of our Double etheric.

Having already consciously disembodied myself, I have the experience of feeling that I am in his Double. The Double is simply the passage from a vehicle of flesh to an etheric vehicle. It is a transfer of the same self-awareness.

The Double separates from its dense counterpart.

My physical body becomes a simple object that I observe from the outside. Double is not a multidimensional aspect of our being.

When I’m in my Double, I see myself as bright. Although it is night, my environment is not plunged in darkness, I clearly distinguish places and objects. However, I did not expect an outside observer not to perceive us this way. If the clairvoyance allows to see the Double, it is a form cloudy and dark which is perceived.

With the hindsight of my various nocturnal observations, I understand that the more the person who splits builds himself internally, the more his Double detached from his body acquires the capacity to make contact with the physical world, to appear more precisely to a clairvoyant.

Being able to be conscious in your etheric body is a more complete participation in life. The full awareness of his Double state and his return to his physical body is accompanied by a transformation of the etheric body. It is less filled with astral matter and more with the energy of an awakened soul. It loses its pale blue-gray coloration to take a lighter and luminescent shade.

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