Two Ways to Astral Project & The Demon That Unlocks the Power

Many will compare astral projection with lucid dreams, but there is one important difference. Lucid dreaming most often occurs between 3 and 5 AM. We enter it unconsciously, we can control our dream for a short time as we are aware of what is happening in it, but then the unconscious dreaming continues, or we wake up.

What is astral projection?

The astral projection we desire is not spontaneous but intentional. Thus, it is entered with intent (and always by the established method). The reason many people doubt the possibility of astral projection is because it would be evidence of the existence of something outside the physical body, and this is inconceivable to many.

What happens in the brain while we sleep?

Two hormones are important in this story: serotonin (the hormone of happiness that is secreted while we are awake) and melatonin (which is secreted while we are sleepy / while we sleep and that allows vision and astral mode of being). When we are awake, our brain is in the so-called beta (β) frequency.

As we fall into a state of sleep (stages 2, 3 and 4), brain activity decreases. We would expect our brain activity to be at its lowest when we are in the REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement), but the opposite is happening! It is at this stage that the brain is in alpha (α) frequency and brain activity is higher and frequencies stronger.

But why is our brain activity higher during the REM phase? Precisely because this phase secretes the most melatonin, which we said is a “sleep hormone”.

Most people think that there is only one REM phase while we sleep, but there are actually more. Namely, when we fall asleep, we do not dream at all for the first hour and a half, because then melatonin only accumulates, which enables us to enter the first REM phase after a while.

Our first REM phase (out of a total of four) comes after about an hour and a half of sleep and lasts only 5-7 minutes. Each REM phase is subsequently prolonged due to increasing melatonin secretion. Thus, the second REM phase will last twice as long as the first, the third slightly longer than the second, and the fourth (and mostly the last) lasting about 30 minutes (and often longer). It is this last REM phase that should be used to enter the astral.

Remember that it happens after 6-7 hours of sleep.

In order to have as high a chance as possible for the astral projection to succeed, it is recommended that the time of that last event coincides with the time of sunrise because light stimulates the secretion of serotonin which causes awakening.

Real chemistry happens here. Namely, melatonin, which is now found in huge amounts in your brain during the last REM phase, causes your drowsiness, and is opposed by serotonin which tries to wake you up (and it is secreted when light falls on your eyelids).

Even if we wake up during this period, we can be intoxicated with sleep, distraught, confusion, etc. By combining these two neurotransmitters and their correct ratio, we realize that we are asleep, i.e. a kind of wakefulness in sleep.

Before you go to sleep…

Be tired! (when you go to bed tired then you usually fall asleep right away and everything goes well, and if you go to sleep rested then you sometimes need up to an hour to fall asleep so the whole scheme falls into the water because you wake up when you don’t need to)

Darken the room / put a mask on your eyes (remember that light improves the production of serotonin that wakes you up, and you don’t want that to happen when it doesn’t suit you)

Do not drink or eat approx. an hour before bedtime (physiological needs like urination are stronger than sleep and will wake you up, and your goal is to have uninterrupted sleep so as not to interrupt the REM phase)

Do not do any work before going to bed (by “work” I mean rituals, meditations, etc. It is best to go to sleep as naturally and relaxed as possible and not think too much about astral projection or try any conscious methods of entering the astral because it all requires concentration)

Turn on the alarm clock for 6.15-20 minutes (6 hours of sleep and 15-20 minutes or as long as you need to fall asleep)

Methods of achieving astral projection

Astral projection can be achieved directly or indirectly (as is the case with lucid dreams that are achieved by by questioning all day what is a dream and what is real, so the same question is asked while we sleep). This is not as important now as the two direct methods I will present here.

The first method

Calculating that you went to bed around midnight, you sleep until 6-7 in the morning depending on how much time you needed to fall asleep. You probably wake up around 6.15 am (so if you went to bed at midnight it’s 6 hours of sleep plus those 15 minutes it took you to fall asleep). Now you need to get out of bed as soon as possible (don’t jump out, but don’t stay napping). Start the day; wash yourself, go to the computer a little… whatever, just to entertain and wake up your body. Don’t eat or drink, and I recommend urinating so that it doesn’t bother you later.

Stay awake for about 15 minutes to half an hour. During this period, your brain actually resets (it reacts as if a new day is starting and begins to secrete serotonin). You fool your brain after this and go back to sleep. Then the serotonin that has just started to be secreted will fight the melatonin that is still quite there since you woke up at a time when it was actually at its highest (instead of the last REM phase, you are actually awake).

This neurotransmitter imbalance confuses the brain and it does not know which “reality” to include (the daily reality or the reality of dreams). But when you go back to sleep after those 15-30 minutes of wakefulness, you actually continue where you left off (in the last REM phase). So, you fall asleep straight and don’t wait for those 90 minutes that this REM phase should normally take. Then the serotonin that has just started to be secreted will fight the melatonin that is still quite there since you woke up at a time when it was actually at its highest (instead of the last REM phase, you are actually awake).

This imbalance of neurotransmitters confuses the brain and it does not know which “reality” to include (the daily reality or the reality of dreams). But when you go back to sleep after those 15-30 minutes of wakefulness, you actually continue where you left off (in the last REM phase). So, you fall asleep straight and don’t wait for those 90 minutes that this REM phase should normally take. Then the serotonin that has just started to be secreted will fight the melatonin that is still quite there since you woke up at a time when it was actually at its highest (instead of the last REM phase, you are actually awake).

This imbalance of neurotransmitters confuses the brain and it does not know which “reality” to include (the daily reality or the reality of dreams). But when you go back to sleep after those 15-30 minutes of wakefulness, you actually continue where you left off (in the last REM phase). So, you fall asleep straight and don’t wait for those 90 minutes that this REM phase should normally take.

This imbalance of neurotransmitters confuses the brain and it does not know which “reality” to include (the daily reality or the reality of dreams). But when you go back to sleep after those 15-30 minutes of wakefulness, you actually continue where you left off (in the last REM phase). So, you fall asleep straight and don’t wait for those 90 minutes that this REM phase should normally take.

This neurotransmitter imbalance confuses the brain and it does not know which “reality” to include (the daily reality or the reality of dreams). But when you go back to sleep after those 15-30 minutes of wakefulness, you actually continue where you left off (in the last REM phase). So, you fall asleep straight and don’t wait for those 90 minutes that this REM phase should normally take.

Now you will fall asleep again and when you wake up naturally (i.e. without sounding the alarm) you need to stay as calm as possible (do not open your eyes, do not move your limbs, etc. no matter in which position you woke up). This way you will trick the brain into continued sleep because you are not moving. Keep lying still for a while and you will feel as if you are tingling or as if there is a drum in your ears.

Don’t give up because during this period your brain will try in every way possible to check if you are awake; something will itch so it will bother you (don’t itch!), you will hear strange sounds or someone calling you (don’t move or open your eyes… this is just your brain trying to trick you into moving and thus confirming that you are awake). You will often hear about the phenomenon of silhouettes (that you are shown some shadowy shapes that create paranoia).

I repeat, these are all just tricks of the brain fighting the output of the astral body. The brain wants to keep it hidden at all costs and wake you up because it is an unusual and frightening experience. This time is called the vibration stage. At this stage your astral body struggles with the physical and your brain changes frequencies which will help you enter the astral.

This stage of vibration does not mean that you have already entered the astral, but you are very close. All that is needed is to separate the astral body from the physical and there it is! This is done by visualizing (imagining) reversing and doing it as powerfully as possible. Any spin can actually work, but this has proven to be the best way for most people so far. This will amplify your vibrational state. But the vibrations need to become almost unbearable. And even when they become unbearable, continue a little longer!!!

If you are doing poorly with the vibration boost, you can try to imagine yourself vibrating with your hands (forearms actually) up and down (initially imagine just separating them a little from the bed, and over time more and more and faster and faster). This will all amplify the vibration, and when you’re ready, imagine turning abruptly on your side! This turn should not be the classic turn as if you were going to get out of bed, but try to “escape” to the side instead. That way you are already in the astral until the brain realizes what has happened.

Then you will have the impression that you have fallen to the ground and the vibrations will abruptly stop and you i.e. your astral body) will be in the astral space!

You can also try this method in the afternoon around 2-16pm when you wake up from an afternoon nap. Wake up naturally, don’t open your eyes and don’t move and just wait for the vibrations. But if you plan to do this, it’s best to wake up an hour early that morning to be as tired as possible by the afternoon. This way you will fall immediately into the REM phase (i.e. into the astral) when you go to sleep in the afternoon.

The second method

This method is very similar to the first. You will also sleep for about 6 hours, be awake for 15-30 minutes, but after this you will not go back to sleep but will just lie down in bed. Stay still, but don’t fall asleep! You can lie in a position where you can’t normally fall asleep or make it difficult for yourself to fall asleep by standing in a slightly more unnatural position (eg putting one hand behind your head).

Focus on not falling asleep because it can be quite difficult. A little bit the vibration stage will come to you again and you do the same thing I mentioned above (so imagine turning backwards, shaking your hands to amplify the vibrations and to enter the astral imagine yourself turning on your side).

This method is much harder, but no one is stopping you from trying it.


If you don’t enter the vibration state after 20 minutes, you probably won’t even enter.

If you do not enter the astral projection after 5 minutes of being in a state of vibration, you will probably not enter it either.

You need to experiment with the time period that suits you best, but when you find out then stick to it. For some who sleep less (that is, who do not sleep normally for 8 hours), the ideal time to wake up (about 15 minutes) will be earlier.

Never try to enter the astral for two days in a row (it is always necessary to rest in the meantime).

When imagining spinning backwards, don’t give up! You spin abruptly, strongly, aggressively and you should be able to enter the astral in the first few minutes.

In the astral

To explain to you what the “lower astral” means, imagine you are on a plane. You take off and watch little by little the cottages move away, then the cities, and soon you don’t see where what starts and where it ends. The moment you take off above the clouds, your perspective changes completely.

You no longer have a sense of the earth because you don’t even see it from the white clouds around you. It is the equivalent of the lower astral. A higher astral would be to take off with a rocket and go into a universe where all the rules change and where earthly influences do not exist at all.

Your astral body i.e. you (in a way) is now on the floor. It is important to note that the astral body does not rely on sight but on the sense of touch. Because of this, you’ll find yourself in complete darkness (at least that’s how it is in most cases, but you don’t have to be), and the only way to create an image of where you are, is to start touching everything around you.

This creates an image of space and you move a little bit away from the physical body (which is desirable because it will make the astral image cleaner and more intense). Remember that in the astral you constantly have to do something, even if it is a walk in a circle or a gaze. If you concentrate on something for too long, then the astral image first becomes blurred, and then you soon return to the physical body. So concentration is the enemy of the astral! More precisely, concentration on space is the enemy of the astral.

To make it easier for yourself, it is recommended that you make a work plan. You will have this work plan in your head while you are in the astral (at least it will be difficult to remember sometimes) and it will help you not to ask yourself: “What should I do now?” Because the moment you ask yourself what to do next and when you stop doing things continuously, you return to the physical body.

You can immediately add a few things to your work plan:

  • Look at yourself in the mirror
  • Teleport (initially somewhere closer, eg outside the room or on the street, but never teleport to an enclosed space without a door or to a basement).
  • Take off (yes, you can take off in the astral too! But remember that your astral body is not your physical. It doesn’t even have to look like you, and it also doesn’t have muscles in the true sense of the word. So you’ll have to take off willingly, not muscles).
  • Meet someone / something, but not the deceased
  • Teleport to a greater distance (by that I mean still somewhere on Earth, not in space)
  • Meet your angelic or demonic guide

There are several ways to make sure you are in the astral. One great way is to cover your mouth and nose and try to inhale. You will see that you will be able to despite the fact that it is biologically impossible (remember, there are no physical laws in the astral). Also, in the astral you can try to turn on the lights (I mean via a switch on the wall or wherever), so you’ll see that none of them work.

How to stay in the astral as long as possible

What will easily happen when you first enter the astral is that you will be excited, or distraught. You will probably return to the physical body immediately because of the excitement, but don’t worry. Everything will come into its own with time. It will be very difficult at first to stay in the astral for long, but there are a few tricks that can help you make progress.

It is natural that your brain will want to return you to the physical body because it is something very new and therefore “scary”. But you can control it. I have already mentioned that the main sense in the astral is touch. If you feel that your image is fading, that the image is blurry, start touching (yourself, things around you, etc.) and this will clarify the image for you.

There is another trick that is actually an exception. I said concentration is your enemy, but if you concentrate on your hand for a few seconds then your image starts to blur, but if you abruptly look away from it the moment it starts to deform/ melt, it will clear up.

The Problem of Your Subconscious

Even though you are in the astral, remember that your physical body still exists and that you are connected to it. So there is also your brain, and thus your consciousness and subconscious. The name for the subconscious in the astral is shadow. It will be the biggest obstacle in the astral that you cannot escape because your brain knows what you are going to do even before you do it.

In your subconscious are all your fears, desires and secrets. In short, your subconscious more or less creates your lower astral like a matrix. It is constantly one step ahead of you so you have to be careful. It will not literally harm you (no worries), but it will try at all costs to bring you back to the physical body that is your “natural state”. Rather, she (subconscious is the feminine of the psyche) is selfish and wants you only for herself; she does not want you to explore the astral, nor to travel nor to be aware while you are in the astral, but it can be said that she wishes you only good, like an overly possessive motherly figure.

Imagine that you have established by touch that you are in your apartment (i.e. in its replica in the astral world). You’ve seen one door that’s not where it should be (i.e. where it’s not normally in your apartment) and you make your way through it. Your subconscious has set that door there, and it knows even before you set out on your way that you will.

You will be fascinated by these doors and go through them. It will only lead you deeper and deeper into some new illusion created by your subconscious, not you. Therefore, you will not be in control, but your subconscious, and remember that it will want to return you to the physical body (but in an awkward way). This is called the Alice in Wonderland effect.

You are for your subconscious like a prisoner escaping from prison and she has to bring you back! You, of course, know that you are not a prisoner and do not want to be in prison. These are simply different interests, which will create small difficulties for you along the way.

The problem with this prison is that you need to know someone who escaped from it so that you can escape yourself, and that “person” does not exist. The only way, therefore, is to deceive the guards and come out unnoticed. Protection is simply so well organized that it makes no sense to bypass it, but to outwit it.

Also, it is necessary to doubt everything. By this I do not mean that you should doubt the existence of something, but the authenticity of that object (especially when it comes to details). Look where something is different than it is in your physical world. That’s where the key lies. This different part will be either the trap of your subconscious, or your creation that will lead you further to a higher astral plane. I will explain how to distinguish these two.

A Journey Into the Astral

In the astral you will definitely want to move. Of course, you can also walk around, which you will do in the beginning, but the following methods are more interesting (and more practical) for everyone:

  • Teleportation (don’t try this until you’ve been in the astral many times already because it also takes some skill to achieve this). It is achieved by imagining your destination and holding it in your head for 5-10 seconds while keeping your eyes closed. While keeping your eyes closed you will feel the movement (as if the wind is carrying you to your destination), but don’t let that bother you. The next time you open your eyes you will be in the place you imagined.
  • Translocation (differs in that it is random and teleportation is intentional). It is done by looking at yourself in your hand and holding that look for a while. It will look different than in the physical world, but that is less important now. What is important is that when you take your eyes off it, you will be somewhere else (random, of course).
  • You can also move through the door (it seems obvious, but I must mention) while walking in the astral. They can take you to another room, but also to a completely different place. They can also take you to other worlds, which is achieved by drawing the symbols of these worlds on the door itself / above them / on the doorknob, etc. This already belongs to the domain of the higher astral.

I must mention one very important thing about moving in the astral:

Once you find yourself in it, you will probably find yourself in your apartment / house. Your goal now will be to leave that building. Do not use the elevator when you go out! Namely, any descent in such a sudden way (i.e., not by stairs) is strictly forbidden unless you want to have some unpleasant experiences.

To explain more clearly; your subconscious rules the “lower” parts of the astral you decide to visit using elevators and through other closed objects of this type. These “lower parts” are actually trance states (how deep it is depends on how close it is to the astral). In other words, while you are in a closed moving space (it doesn’t actually move but it just seems to you), your subconscious creates a whole new world around that space/object where it plays by its rules, i.e. it just builds a new prison because you escaped from the old one.

Higher Consciousness – Your Best Friend

Just as there is a subconscious that will constantly complicate your astral experience, so there is a higher consciousness that will protect you and contradict your subconscious.

You have to learn to distinguish between the signals it leaves and the ones left by the subconscious. The subconscious will leave big traps like the aforementioned door, or the ringing of the phone (don’t answer the phones in the astral!), and entice you that way. Your higher consciousness will leave some small detail (e.g. some switch that is not normally there, a camera, some prominent small object) that will then take you to a higher astral.

Remember, the more and more you go into the astral, the less influence your subconscious has. Therefore, pay attention to details! The subconscious is primitive and notices only major changes in its creation. Because of this, your higher consciousness always chooses small enough details that the subconscious will not notice, but at the same time large enough for you to notice. But your feelings will also tell you a lot because premonitions also exist in the astral. If you feel uncomfortable somewhere, just leave that place.

Other than going to the higher astral, another way to move away from your subconscious is to get out of the house / building you found yourself in when you first “woke up” in the astral. You can get out by simply leaving the building on foot (remember, always up the stairs, i.e. moving to the exit yourself, never with the elevators!). Another way is to teleport, so let’s talk a little more about that.


It can serve as a great way to move in the astral, because you likely won’t be in this state for long (an average of five minutes). In fact, you will only stand for as long as you have the strength and if you have a work plan. So you need to make the most of the time in it and not waste it on walking around. Teleportation is a much faster way to move. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Imagine the place where you want to teleport, keep your eyes closed for 5-10 seconds and open your eyes.
  • Rotate around your axis with outstretched arms (like a helicopter) open imagining where you want to be.
  • Stick your head in the ground like an ostrich (yes… it seems silly and funny, but it works… just don’t forget to pull your head out).
  • Fly your way up and let yourself fall back to earth (when you get back to “earth,” you’ll be somewhere else).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not attempt to teleport immediately. If you try to teleport to the lower astral (which we are talking about here), then you will only return to the physical body (as does looking at the hand for too long). First you need to go, therefore, to some higher astral (your goal is to GO IN HEIGHT, i.e. TO MORE ASTRAL LEVELS). You will go there by following the signs of your higher consciousness of which I have said a few words a few paragraphs above.

How to Return to the Physical Body

Although this will initially happen to you spontaneously due to lack of strength, because you have been concentrating on something for too long, lost your job, etc., it is important to know some techniques that you can voluntarily go back to.

There are those stories that say that you can “get stuck in the astral”. Many are therefore concerned about the impossibility of returning to the body. This cannot happen. You will definitely return to the physical body sooner or later, accidentally or intentionally. Some of the ways in which you can intentionally, ie consciously, return to the physical are:

By closing your eyes – remember that you in the astral do not actually have a physical body, and therefore no eyelids, so this will make that necessary physical bridge.

Squinting – a similar effect as when closing the eyes, but less abrupt.

Teleportation – I have already mentioned that you return to the physical body if you try to teleport to the lower astral (although teleportation to the higher astral will only lead you to more and more astrals).

Looking up – the movement of the eyes backwards reminds us of the backward rotation that occurs when we try to enter the astral, so this literally brings us back (to the previous state, ie the physical state).

By pinching yourself and shaking your head – these are very physical movements that will again create a bridge to the physical body.

By concentrating on something – this is the simplest method. If you focus on something for too long then the image around you begins to melt and you find yourself in a physical body again. A good example is looking at the palms (which I mentioned earlier). If you look at the palms in the astral, they will begin to melt after a while and if you do not look away from them then you will soon find yourself in the physical body again, but if you look at the time, you will find yourself at a higher level of astral than before. .

Remember that you can always go back to the physical body if a problem occurs (e.g. if your subconscious takes control, which you don’t want because it can simply create unpleasant experiences for you by trying to intimidate you back into the physical body). In such a situation, it is easiest to concentrate on something, and if it does not work, then it will work or rotate around its axis (which will cause random translocation), or drive your head into the ground.

Let’s repeat… what to avoid in the astral:

  • Enclosed spaces (even if you can get out of them by going through the walls backwards!)
  • Moving spaces (elevators, planes, submarines, etc.)
  • Entering the astral for two days in a row (at least initially) due to disruption of the natural sleep cycle and REM phase

These would be the main remarks, but you will probably find out more by yourself, depending on what you consider important.

Paimon – The Demon of Astral Projection

I developed my astral projection skill successfully by implementing these tips. However, I wasn’t able to do it every night, or even every other night. When I did it 2-3 times per week, I would feel exhausted in the morning and I’d suffer brain fog throughout the day. Once a week was the most I could bear. This was in my early days of experimenting with magick.

When I joined an initiatory Order, I shared my experience to a high ranking colleague who suggested that I summon Paimon, as this demon unlocks the power to astral project and lucid dream without the side effects that I was experiencing.

Since developing a strong relationship with Paimon (whom I treat as my guardian demon) I am able to indulge in these wonderful practices every night and still wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. No matter what hardships one is going through, with these two abilities nights can filled with life of freedom, otherworldly ecstasy and creativity without the physical limitations that pervade daily existence.

If you want to develop the abilities of astral projection and lucid dreaming faster, with more powerful and lasting results, I recommend that you summon Paimon. If you need my assistance, you can request a ritual and I’ll perform the ritual on your behest. Talk to you soon!

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