How to Summon Eligos (Abigor)

Have you every wished that people in high places would take notice of your potential and talents? There is so much dormant potential hidden within you, yet it’s the untalented competition that’s taking your deserved place among the stars. Life can be unfair in this way, and it mostly is unless we influence it through magical methods.

Summoning Eligos and asking for his demonic aid is one proven way to rise in the social hierarchy. Of course, don’t expect empirical data to prove this, but many magicians will share a similar experience.

Along with this mightily useful power, Eligos is very competent at discovering hidden things and prophesizing the future. In times of crisis, such as wars and interpersonal conflicts, his revelations can be useful for plotting the next successful move. Here is Eligos’ description from The Lesser Key of Solomon:

ELIGOS. – The Fifteenth Spirit in Order is Eligos, a Great Duke, and appeareth in the form of a goodly Knight, carrying a Lance, an Ensign, and a Serpent. He discovereth hidden things, and knoweth things to come; and of Wars, and how the Soldiers will or shall meet. He causeth the Love of Lords and Great Persons.He governeth 60 Legions of Spirits.

If you wish to summon Eligos, there are plenty of ceremonial rituals available. But not all of them work optimally. It’s important to pinpoint the specific energy of the demon you’re aiming to summon. Otherwise confused energies will produce confused or even opposite results. So to make your Eligos summoning a success, I’ll share one potent yet simple ritual that anyone can perform.

Eligos/Abigor Summoning Ritual

1. Activate your inner fire

Eligos is connected to the fiery powers of Mars and the dark imagination of Saturn. Fire and iron, red and dark grey/black are the colors and corresponding energies that need to be brough up in the mind and emotions in order to connect with Eligos through this method.

Use this visualizing technique:

  • Sit in a ritual circle (create it with salt), and visualize your heart as a dark sphere revolving counter-clockwise. It looks like a vortex, a black hole that can suck up anything that is thrown into it and to make it vanish.
  • Visualize rays of fire and light entering the vortex from outside of yourself, lighting it on fire. As your dark heart starts to burn brighter and brighter, it also begins to revolve clockwise until it is spinning with great speed in this direction

2. Trap Eligos in his sigil

Draw the sigil of Eligos on a piece of paper or print it. Use a wand, a basic stick or a similar object to direct your firey energy into this symbol, making it come alive. As you do so, chant Eligos’ enn: Jedan on ca Eligos inan

Eligos will remain trapped in the sigil and the piece of paper which you should keep in a safe place as long as you require his assistance.

3. Ask for assistance

With Eligos firmly situated in his sigil, which you’ve energized with the previous steps, close your eyes and ask confidently for assistance in any of the tasks mentioned before. If you need help with being noticed by a person in power, or you need help with a revelation of the future, or perhaps a discovery of a hidden thing.. any of these things Eligos can help you with.

4. Close the ritual

Once you’ve received an answer from Eligos through a sensory experience or through your own awakened intuition, close the ritual by thanking Eligos and removing the items from the room. Store the energized sigil in a safe place where it won’t be seen or touched by anyone else.

Now you can wait for results to arrive, but also be proactive in obtaining them. Eligos will open up new opportunities and clear the obstacles on your path so you can tackle confidently the tasks you’ve asked him to assist you with.

That is how you can summon Eligos even with little experience in magick. Remember that ceremonial magick is all about activating specific energies that you require at a given moment. Everything is made of energy, including the demon you’re trying to summon. Activate the energy, summon the demon and this will make this same energy permeate your reality in a more effective manner.

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