How to Summon Vepar: The Drowning Ritual

Vepar (image source) is a very interesting and unique demon from Ars Goetia. While all of the 72 demons appearing in this popular grimoire are invaluable allies for self development in the most positive sense of the word, Vepar is also a valuable companion for more sinister purposes which we’ll discuss further down in this article.

Here is Vepar’s description, which explains some very good reasons for summoning him/her:

The 42d spirit is Named Vepar, he is a great and strong duke, and appeareth like
a Mairmaid. His office is to guide the waters and ships. Ladden with armour thereon
he will at the will of the Exorcist cause the seas to be rough and stormy, and to
appeare full of ships. He causeth men to dye in 3 days by putrifying their sores
and wounds and causing wormes in them to bred. He governeth 29 Legions
of spirits.

From this description we can deduce that Vepar’s two main powers are:

  • controlling waters and ships
  • causing physical harm to the magician’s enemies

Main Reasons to Summon Vepar

It’s important here to realize that waters and ships are used in allegorical sense. Waters are in alchemical and magical texts symbolic of the psyche and emotions. In that sense, Vepar can stirr one’s emotions or keep them calm.

Ships symbolize one’s goal and journey towards it. Vepar can guide a ship safely through difficult conditions. As far as the second power is concerned, it’s more straightforward. Vepar can be summoned to cause harm to enemies, physical and psychological.

It’s important to remember that black magick is strictly advised against because it often reflects back on the spellcaster. In other words, if you wish someone harm, it will happen to you as well. Only truly powerful magicians are able to protect themselves against the karmic laws, after they’re evolved to a supra-human form beyond external contingencies.

However, everyone has their own decision to make, and I’m simply sharing information for those of you who are interested in it. To quote Aleister Crowley: Do as you Will shall be the whole of the Law.

So here’s a Vepar summoning ritual you can perform to contact this powerful demon.

Vepar summoning ritual


  • a paper and a pen
  • a glass of salt water
  • a blue candle
  • a dagger

1. Create Vepar’s sigil

You can either print his sigil or draw it on a piece of paper. Try to make it resemble the original as closely as possible. Btw. Vepar is depicted as a mermaid, but he is referred to as a masculine demon. This isn’t an important point, I just wanted to point out that the gender of this demon is rather ambiguous.

2. Light a blue candle

A blue candle symbolizes the psyche in its active state.

3. Drown the sigil in the glass of water

Place the sigil in water and repeat Vepar’s enn 36 times: “On Ca Vepar Ag Na.”

While repeating the enn, also pour candle wax unto it. This action will serve to calm the overactive psyche, soothing your emotional state. If you are using this ritual for black magick purposes, visualize taking control of the enemies emotional state as you pour the wax over the drowning sigil.

4. Pierce the sigil with the ritual dagger (optional)

This is an optional step of the ritual, only to be performed if you want Vepar to act offensively against someone. In that case visualize your enemy and the thing you wish to happen as you stab the sigil. It’s enough to do this once. This action acts as a release of the demon from the sigil and into the physical realm.

5. Close the ritual

Recite the following incantation to end the ritual:

Aras margolis fornaris

Unterlos porobas ustortis

Bunor fortis orcanum

Vepar serdanu.

You may dispose of the water and the sigil after reciting.

Final Word on Vepar Summoning

Vepar can be a great emotional support, stabilizing your psychological state, especially during troubling times in your life. He can clear emotional obstacles as you travel to your destination, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

Since the waters are the psychological substratum that all humans share, similar to the collective unconscious of Carl Jung, we are able to cause psychological and physical effects on others by manipulating the waters, causing rough seas on some part of that vast ocean where the enemy is sailing.

Hopefully you won’t have to resort to such measures to resolve your differences with others, but Vepar can certainly make a worthy ally if that is your only option.

If you want me to summon Vepar for you, consider using my ritual for hire service. My rituals are very effective and unique because I adjust everything based on the specifics of clients’ situation.

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  1. Reading this, there is something I have been curious about. While reciting the incantations, different people are bound to have different pronunciations. So does the pronunciation play a major factor?

    1. It’s not terribly important. Having the right intention while reciting an incantation is more important.

  2. Hi Astennu. Thanks for another good article. I would like to ask your advice. Whose demon support would you choose if you would like to improve physical stamina, strenght and the determination to reach the end of plan? To improve the willpower.

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