Black Magic for Exam Success: Receive Demonic Assistance

Are you a student with a rough exam schedule ahead? Do you require assistance for passing, and perhaps even excelling beyond anyone’s expectations in one or more exams?

There’s an easier and faster way to achieve these results than simply relying on willpower, a strategy that often leads to mixed levels of success and misfortune.

Since ancient times up to the present day, the select few students aware of true magick struck agreements with spiritual entities for educational success. Namely with demonic forces.

There are many demons that can grant immense powers in the fields of knowledge and worldly success. For example, Astaroth, the Duke of Hell grants “knowledge of liberal sciences” when summoned by a skilled magician.

I’ve worked with Astaroth and other Goetic demons for a long time. By doing so, I’ve transformed my life to a degree that many people struggle to comprehend. These are the main results I’ve seen over the past year:

  • By working with Astaroth, Marbas and Sagimina, I’ve managed to improve my reading speed and comprehension of difficult reading materials, acquire piercing mental clarity and ocean deep memory. I’ve also read over 200 books without any visible effort.
  • By working with Mammon I’ve almost doubled my online business revenue and achieved full financial freedom.
  • By working with Zepar, I’ve had extraordinary success in the PUA (pick up artist) realm.

Unfortunately, it can take years of practice to conjure Goetic demons successfully, let alone force them to do your bidding. Beginners who aren’t trained by an experienced magician will undoubtedly provoke a negative reaction from these demons. It’s really a trial and error process.

You probably don’t have the months or years necessary for completing this process. At least not at the moment. You need instant help, a boost to your educational success in the upcoming days or weeks. I can provide you with an immediate power boost by sending a familiar your way.

This familiar will boost your learning capacity beyond your imagination. Learning and retaining information will be easier than ever. You will actually become interested in the exam subject and be able to remember information on the spot.

Some of my clients required only a few hours to prepare for medical school and law school exams after receiving their spell. These exams are traditionally perceived to be so difficult that many ordinary students prepare for them for months!

How does black magic for exam success work?

Under my guidance it’s a very simple process:

  • Contact me through the contact form below.
  • Write your full name (preferred) or your initials. Either way, your privacy is fully guaranteed.
  • Write the name of the subject(s) and/or exams you require assistance in. The more specific you are, the better. The broader the request, the more power and attention it requires, so it’s better to focus on no more than 3 exams at a time or one field of study.
  • You can also add some further information, if you have a particular skill you want to improve (reading, memory etc.).
  • And lastly, write down your email so I can contact you.
  • Upon receiving the message I will contact you with payment information. Payments are conducted either through Paypal or Payoneer. The cost of this spell is $47 per exam/specific request.
  • Once the payment has been processed the ritual (explained in detail below) will commence.
  • Keep in mind that this is a fast acting spell for getting extraordinary results in a short period of time. I will typically contact you and perform the spell within the same day. Having said that, if you’re close to an exam deadline, don’t waste precious time. Contact me as soon as you can in order to have enough time to enjoy the benefits of the ritual.

With those preliminaries out of the way, we can focus on the main part of the ritual:

  • I will summon the demon that’s right for the task and inform him of your situation. This is a task that I personally perform in my Temple, in full isolation, usually lasting one hour or so.
  • I will then send you a confirmation spell. You will need to perform this spell when you’re ready, in order to confirm your request for demonic assistance.
  • Since I’ll contact the demon on your behalf, the spell you’ll receive will be fairly easy to perform, even if you lack prior experience with performing magical rituals. But the specifics will always vary depending on the situation.
  • The spell usually involves a short recitation of a few demonic phrases, drawing of the demon’s sigil, lighting a candle and meditating for a couple of minutes on the demon until his presence is felt. Nothing more complicated than that.

Once the ritual is finished, the pact with the demon is officially sealed. You will have gained a supernatural entity’s help on your educational journey. Your exam success will be almost a certainty and many other worldly achievements will follow from there on as you experience the full power of the dark side.

Is black magic dangerous?

“Mammon and His Slave”

If you’re worried about the dangers of black magic, let me share with you some important information.

Black magic can be dangerous when performed to harm others, because it can act like a spiritual boomerang. The saying “what goes, around comes around” often proves to be correct. I’ve met quite a few dabblers in black magic who vent off the deep end after messing with the well being of others.

Luckily, when used purely for self-benefit, black magic doesn’t contain negative karmic effects.

In one interpretation, this education boosting spell wouldn’t even be considered black magic, as most magicians will label black magic only those spells used to harm others.

But sometimes any magic that involves demons and other morally ambiguous entities is called “black magic”. I personally feel there’s no reason to get too technical about such labels.

Having said that, summoning demons is still not entirely safe, even if you’re doing it purely for self-benefit without harming anyone. Demons want things in return for their services. Nothing comes free in this world.

Fortunately, you are simply using the effects of a ritual performed by someone else. Part of my responsibility is not only to evoke the demonic aid, but to also provide the necessary sacrifices so that it behaves politely and leaves peacefully when it’s no longer required. My clients don’t have to worry about any of this, since I personally make the necessary offerings in my Temple.

Update: Now we have an official black magic course that will teach you everything you need to know to prosper and become more powerful. In studying and every other activity you can possibly think of.

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