4 Prayers to Elegua (For Love, Work..)

Elegua is a powerful spirit from African initatory traditions. He is often invoked in Santeria and Voodoo variations because he can provide powerful assistance in many areas of life. He is considered to be a Divine Rascal, a sort of trickster figure, a deity of roads. Acting as an intermediary spirit between a person and other Orishas (deities), he is likened to Hermes, the messenger god from the Greek pantheon.

Arguably the best way to gain favor with Elegua is by praying to him. You can also invoke him through a magical ritual, as I explained in this article. But for non-magicians, a simple prayer can be a better option as it opens you up emotionally and energetically with a determined plea for help without having to enter a serious trance state.

Elegua favors those who can humble themselves when asking for help (without losing dignity, of course). So if you need help, consider using these Elegua prayers. You can pray at any time, but for more difficult requests it’s best to pray first thing in the morning and before going to bed, in that case until you fall asleep.

Prayer to Elegua For Protection

If you need protection from enemies or want to raise your vibrational field to ward off disease, this is the go-to prayer:

Elegua, Who divided Earth and Sky

Separated Man from Demons and Gods

Who Heals and Damages at Will the Living

Protect my Health, my Livelihood and All I Hold Dear

Prayer to Elegua for Love

If you wish to attract a love interest into your life, or you want to rekindle passions with your current partner, pray in this way:

I Am But One Side That Seeks the Other To Unify the Circle

Elegua The Separator Use Your Power to Mend The Broken Line

Bless me Elegua With Completeness In Love and its Passions

Prayer to Elegua for Work and Money

Need to make more money, changing jobs, building a business and there’s a roadblock ahead? Elegua has helped many plow through these types of obstacles. Use this prayer to gain favor in this area:

As All That Lives Earns Its Living

I as Man Desire The Same

Yet a Hunger Greater Than Lion’s

To Satiate I Cannot Do

Greatest Elegua I ask For Favor

Golden Bounty From Your Chamber

Make it Flow, from High to Low

Prayer to Elegua for Open Roads

With open roads is meant any transition, either literal or symbolic. So if you’re travelling somewhere or embarking on a new challenge and adventure in your day-to-day life (new relationship, learning new skill, starting a business..), this prayer will be helpful.

From River to Mountain

From Home to Distant Shore

Elegua Guide My Step

I Ask for Nothing More

When My Heart is Beating Fast

When My Mind Is Afraid I Won’t Last

Elegua Enter My Soul

Open Every Golden Road

How do you pray to Elegua?

A prayer to Elegua needs to come from your heart. It should be expressed with clear, emotional intent. You should pray only for the things you really need and desire. The traditional prayers shared in this article are easy to remember and have been used successfully already, so there is power stored in these words and anyone can use them. Alternatively, you can pray in your own words, as long as you can craft your prayers to express your feelings properly.

Hope this helps!

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