How to Summon Lucifuge: Ritual Instructions, Benefits & Risks!

Lucifuge is a goetic demon, more commonly known as the “god of wealth” in some circles. Lucifuge has been depicted differently over time and depending on who wrote about him. Some say he is the devil himself while others call him an angel of light. Regardless of his true nature, it’s important to be aware that you can summon Lucifuge for yourself or someone else but there are risks involved with this process. In this article I’ll walk you through how to summon Lucifuge safely so that your needs may be met without any negative repercussions!

Good Reasons for Summoning Lucifuge

Financial security — You will never be broke. Lucifuge is the most powerful of all demons, which means that he has access to everything! This includes money and power in any form possible – so you’ll have both as well if your needs are met by him (in exchange for a small offering).

Do yourself this favor: summon a demon who can provide financial safety so that you can pursue your other goals and ambitions without having to worry about the basic means of existence!

Bad Reasons for Summoning Lucifuge

You’re new to summoning and you don’t know what else is out there. – You want money but are willing make a deal with the devil for it (literally). Lucifuge isn’t your only option in this case! There’s plenty of free information on how summonings work, so do some research before making any deals or choosing the demon you wish to summon.

How to Summon Lucifuge: Ritual Instructions

1. Find a secluded place

For this ritual to work, it’s required to be in a quiet, undisturbed location. If you’re summoning Lucifuge for yourself, make sure to be alone.

If someone else is the target of your ritual it’s best if they are asleep or secluded from a busy environment with many people around them as this will help channel energy through their body more easily and quickly in order achieve what needs may have been set out at beginning steps before coming here tonight! If there isn’t time to find an isolated location ask that person where it would work well.

2. Draw a pentagram on the ground with chalk or salt

Before beginning the summoning process, it’s important to create a pentagram in which you will stand during ritual. Here are some guidelines:

– Draw your own individualized circle with chalk or salt on any flat surface from floorboards and up. This circle marks the inner ritual space in which you and the demon will enter into a communion.

3. Place an inverted cross in the center of the pentagram

If you have an inverted cross, place it in the center of your pentagram. Otherwise find a way to make one using household objects like paperclips or nails and thread; for example take two pieces from different cardboard boxes taped end-to up so that they form angles at their intersection points while also leaving space on either side.

The upside down crucifix is symbolic because this demon’s nature has been corrupted by humanity as he fell with Eve when she disobeyed God during her temptation against Adam.

4. Light candles and incense at each point of the pentagram, starting from north to south

Candles are a light and energetic source that helps mark the spiritual gateway through which Lucifuge will arrive. Place a candle at the north point of your pentagram. This represents Earth, where he is bound and wants to return home from his exile in Hell (the south).

5. Write your name in Hebrew on one side of parchment paper, Lucifuge’s name on the other side and then fold it into a triangle shape

In order to create a personal connection with Lucifuge, you should write your names together on a piece of paper. Write your name in Hebrew on one side of parchment paper.

Lucifuge’s full personal title will be written out below: LUCIFUGÉS DIABOLÊUS MANDATORYÂNIMOS EXTERRITORIVM INFERUNDVM PRINCEPS (Lucifer the Devil King Mighty Overlord from Hell). It should span across two lines so that when folded into a triangle shape there are three names visible at once: yours first then his last with yours again sandwiched between them; this represents both parties being present together for these proceedings and it strengthens our connection.

6. Place this piece of parchment paper under your tongue while chanting Lucifuge’s name for seven minutes straight without stopping

After you’ve chanted Lucifuge’s name for long enough, you will fall into a trance. At this point you may feel dizzy, thirsty or lightheaded.

If you do not feel any effects by the end of seven minutes then try again and chant a little louder this time–if there is no change at all after an additional three times (meaning nine total tries) than Lucifuge might be too difficult to summon for your abilities right now. That doesn’t mean it can never happen though!

How Lucifuge Appears

If you are successful, Lucifuge might appear to you while you’re in trance, or you might hear his voice, or he might just give you a message.

Lucifuge usually appears as the person’s true self during this time, so it can be very jarring to see someone who is typically reserved or stoic in life behave with more lively emotion and personality traits Lucifuge will also often do his best at interpreting your needs based on what they know about those familiar patterns of behavior – this interpretation may not always happen though!

Sometimes things get lost along the way when communicating between planes like ours (the material plane) from theirs which resides outside our conscious reality altogether…so don’t expect perfection all around. It takes some getting used to these rituals for sure!

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