Hecate Summoning Rituals: Step-by-Step Invocation & Evocation

Hecate (Hekate) is an ancient moon goddess presiding over the powers of magic, spells and witchcraft. She was worshipped by many ancient peoples, most notably th Greeks and Romans.

As I often say, it is the powers and attributes that matter the most, not the name under which the spirit is known in any given culture. Hecate finds its equivalents in the goddesses of magic found in other cultures, such as Isis in Egypt, Baba Yaga in Slavic tradition and Cliodhna in the Celtic tradition.

Due to our deep historical and spiritual connection with the classical world of Greece and Rome, Hecate is the name under which this spirit is most commonly worshipped and summoned still to this day.

In order to help you summon Hecate successfully, I’ve decided to write this summoning guide. It contains ritual instructions that you can follow on your own for evoking or invoking this goddess.

Evoking vs Invoking Goddess Hecate

For those who are familiar with the terms evocation and invocation, the following explanations will sound common sensical. For those who aren’t familiar, I suggest reading this part because you will better understand what is meant by them.


Evoke Hecate if you want the goddess to guide you on your life’s path to becoming better at magic or improve your circumstances so that it’s easier to focus on magic, but you don’t want to undergo any radical internal change (physical, psychological or spiritual).

Some internal changes will still occur as a reflection of the changes that happen outside, and the way you respond to them. But the primary purpose of an evocation is always to gain something from the outside world first, whether it’s wealth, fame, love or in the case of a Hecate evocation, a magic-related purpose.

Perhaps you would like to discover and join a coven, an initiatory Order or find a great mentor in magic? Or you would like Hecate to provide you with the perfect environment in which to practice your magical skills? Or perhaps guide you to new business opportunities in the sphere of magic and occultism, so that you can make it your life’s work and quit whatever else you’re doing at the moment? These are some worthwhile reasons for evoking Hecate.


Invoke Hecate if you want the goddess to work through you, changing you from the inside-out, bestowing you with greater physic power, magical prowess and intuition.

As an example, invoking Hecate can make all of your spells, conjurations and potions more effective. Hypnotizing others can also become easier, not just individuals but entire groups of people. Another important effect of a Hecate invocation is the increased interested in all things magical. As well as the increased ability to understand the deeper causes and connections of events that occur in your life and the world at large.

How does Hecate appear when summoned?

As with all summoning rituals, it’s impossible to predict the manner in which the summoned spirit will appear. It’s impossible because it doesn’t depend solely on the summoner’s wishes. The spirit ultimately decides how it will manifest. The same is true when summoning gods, goddesses, angels, demons or lesser spirits such as familiars and various servitores. Some common ways in which Hecate may appear:

  • manifesting as a vision/hallucination
  • appearing in a regular mirror, a scrying mirror or a scrying ball
  • speaking to you
  • speaking through you
  • appearing in your dreams the first night after the ritual – especially if you’re trained in lucid dreaming and dream recollection
  • providing supernatural effects during the ritual.

Some supernatural effects during an evocation that have been reported by practitioners are: the candle flame shooting upwards or moving in different directions without any natural reason, objects in the ritual space moving around or levitating, sudden heat or coldness in the room, a gust of wind passing through the ritual space although all doors and windows are closed, creaking and hissing sounds that grow in intensity while incantations are repeated..

Those who’ve engaged in occult practices for long enough have witnessed at least 2-3 of these “supernatural” effects occur during a summoning ritual. They are not exclusive to Hecate. Instead, they are signs that one is opening a portal between our material reality and the subtler realities that surround it. The portal typically remains open for a short period of time. Ordinary human perception would estimate it as a couple of seconds or minutes.

The duration of these “supernatural” effects coincides with the time that the portal remains open. How long the portal can remain open depends on the magical power of the summoner. Performing a summoning ritual in a group setting, where collective energy is used for this purpose can create more impressive results.

Even so, one should refrain from using these “effects” as an estimate of whether a ritual is truly successful or not. What matters is achieving the real life goal for which you required Hecate’s assistance in the first place. Whether the goddess bestows you with her gifts is all that matters in the end.

Now, let us move to the most important part of this guide, the rituals themselves. First, let us begin with the preparatory phase. This phase is necessary both for evocation and invocation rituals.

Preparing for a Hecate Summoning Ritual

I recommend using the following cleansing process before your ritual. This will reduce your physical and mental concerns, which can weigh heavy on the spirit. Many times we don’t notice the impact our diet, quality of sleep, sexual activity and the mental contents that we consume has on our general well being and spiritual strength. But all magicians, witches and mystics worth their salt know the importance of these factors and are rigorous about them.

Mind you, I don’t recommend doing this before all rituals. Some require a different approach. For example if you were preparing a Belphegor ritual the approach would require the opposite – complete indulgence in filth and depravity. But that’s not what we are here for at the moment. So, I recommend doing these 6 simple lifestyle modifications for at least 7 days prior to your Hecate ritual:

  • Eat small and light vegan meals. If that’s not possible, try to go vegetarian, pescatarian or at the very least don’t consume red meat. The less fleshy foods that you consume, the less your physical body will get in the way of your mental clarity.
  • Perform a water fast for 24 hours before the ritual. That means not consuming any food or drinks except water. Obviously, consult your doctor if you’re unsure about the safety of this.
  • Sleep in a pitch black environment and for at least 8 hours every night. Go to sleep before midnight. Pull down the shades and enjoy complete rest and rejuvenation.
  • Don’t engage in any sexual activity, with others or with yourself. Remove such thoughts and distractions from your mind and from your environment for the time being.
  • Eliminate all social media, tv shows, competitive games and other mental distractions. Don’t trick yourself by watching “educational content” or “developing skills”. You are taking a break from screens and from content that has nothing to do with your rituals and magic. When you feel bored, be with yourself, observe your mind, use a notebook and write down your thoughts. If it becomes too painful to be on your own and you need someone else’s thoughts to distract you from your own, read grimoires and esoteric material. However, don’t engage in any rituals or spell that you find therein. Save yourself for the grand ritual that is just a few days away.
  • Meditate or do energetic exercises such as qigong, tai chi and yoga whenever you have the time and the willpower during the day. When your mind goes blank during meditation, try to visualize Hecate as you imagine her to be or by using popular depictions of her that align with your own imagination. This is a simple way to get more familiar with the energy that her presence might provoke in you, preparing you for the ritual that’s to come. Also remember that the more you meditate, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes, so make the effort in the beginning and it will definitely pay off.

Doing all of this would require a significant commitment if it were a permanent lifestyle change. But remember, this is only for 7 days. It will make you stronger and sharper, and it shows to Hecate your devotion and your willingness to make some personal sacrifices to be in her presence. As the saying goes “no pain, no gain”. But very likely you will find much value in this process and will incorporate some of its aspects into your daily life later on.

The Best Time to Perform a Hecate Ritual

The answer to this question varies depending on which magical system or advice you follow. Some recommend doing it at midnight, 10 pm, 3 am or only on the full Moon! I know of one coven that performs the ritual only on the Cold Moon.

Personally, I am not dogmatic about the timing of my rituals. It’s true that certain times provide a greater “atmosphere” and align better with the energy of the spirit. But such circumstantial considerations tend to be more about your own preference than what the spirit needs in order to manifest.

It’s your personal limitations that create a large list of demands for a ritual. A god can summon forces out of thin air, day or night. As humans, we are more conditioned by our environment and so we should use it to our advantage the best way we can, but we don’t have to be dogmatic about it and make things even more difficult than they’d be if we disregarded all the rules! It’s the same as creating laws and regulations that suffocate a community instead of allowing it to thrive.

So, the only general guideline that I agree on is that nighttime is preferable to daytime. Hecate is, after all, the goddess of night and moon, necromancy, ghosts and a host of other things cloistered in darkness. The dozen or so times that I performed Hecate rites and rituals and felt her presence the strongest was around midnight. This is my preferred time for performing most of my summoning rituals, especially when conjuring a nighttime spirit.

Hecate Invocation: The Blood Serpent Ritual

Required ritual tools:

  • an altar
  • a ritual dagger
  • a red rose
  • one black and one dark-red candle
  • red wine
  • a chalice
  • salt
  • black storax incense
  • red/purple ritual robes
  • red/purple body paint

1. Set up the altar

Begin by dressing in your ritual robes and setting up the altar. You can use a desk or a similar object if you don’t have an altar.

  • Place the chalice in the middle, fill it up with wine
  • Place the black candle on the left, red candle on the right of the chalice and light them
  • Place the dagger and the rose in front of the chalice
  • There should be enough space between each item in order to prevent accidents

2. Mark the ritual space

A magic circle marks the space in which you are conducting your ritual, thereby separating it from the outside world. Its purpose is to contain the spirit and the energy that’s raised. In case of an invocation you should always stand inside the circle so that there is no separation between you and the spirit. This will allow the spirit’s energy to permeate your astral body more easily.

Salt is traditionally used for making a ritual circle. This a simple process:

  • Pour salt around the altar and an adequate amount of space around it. There should be enough space for you to stand and conduct the ritual.
  • Use a stick or a similar object to make a well-defined circle.

3. Get “in the zone”

Lay down for a while outside the ritual circle, either on the floor or a piece of furniture. Use the following breathing method to prepare your mind for the invocation. While laying down breath in the following pattern:

  • Inhale 4 seconds
  • Hold breath for 4 seconds
  • Exhale for 4 seconds
  • Hold for 4 seconds

Set a timer and do this 10 minutes.

This is a technique recommended by therapists for treating anxiety. It can also work well to place you “in the zone”, so that you’re more present while observing your inner transformation.

When you’re done, get up and say to yourself out loud or silently: “I’m awake!”

Now, using the paint, draw a circle with a horizontal line crossing it on your forehead in the third eye region (between your eyebrows).

4. Perform the invocation

With your breathing balanced you are now feeling completely mentally and physically stable. Internal and external distractions are no longer causing a disturbance so you can be fully present in the moment.

Go to the altar, take the dagger in your hand and move it counterclockwise in a circle around the candles and the chalice with the tip pointing downwards as if you were creating a vortex of energy. While doing so, repeat the following incantation 7 times:

Hecaten ad haec aras accedet! Hunc calicem cum spiritu tuo Hecate fascinare!

If you don’t know Latin, don’t worry too much about the pronunciation. You can use Google Translate or a similar app to hear it though.

Next, pull petals off of the rose and place them in the wine. Then close your eyes and slowly, passionately consume the wine with the rose petals. Imagine that you were consuming the essence of Hecate. Feel her essence moving down like a blood serpent, from your throat down into your stomach where it finds its rest. Be aware of the warming effect it’s having on your mind and the rest of your body.

With Hecate’s essence consumed it still has to be activated. To do so, chant the words of power, also known as an enn:

Anana Hekate Ayer

Chant the enn and feel it changing the way you breath to a more chaotic rhythm, the energy moving from the stomach upwards into your brain. Now you should move outside the circle and lay down again. Allow your body to shake and vibrate freely. Don’t control yourself at all. Kick, scream, laugh, be vulgar, allow your body to do as it pleases.

There is a significant purpose behind this: You must let go of your mind during this period so that Hecate has at least a few precious moments to plant itself firmly inside it and grow in presence. The easiest way to let go off the mind is to be entirely present in the body. You can do so through giving free reign to your body for a while, until it gets exhausted and is no longer “interested” in playing the game.

With the body exhausted, continue laying down peacefully for a while but don’t fall asleep. When you get up say again: “I’m awake!”

5. End the ritual

Take care of the ritual space. Remove the items from the altar and store them in a respectable place. Clean up the circle. Open the window and allow fresh air to come into the room. Go outside for at least 30 minutes, take a walk and don’t focus too much on the ritual.

Your thoughts and behavior should become neutral. If you keep thinking forcefully about the ritual and goddess Hecate you will interfere with the process that is subconsciously still going on inside you. Hecate is now part of you, your essences are conjoined and intertwined. You will reap the rewards of the invocation in due time.

Hecate Evocation: The Great Triad Ritual

Required ritual items:

  • salt
  • three candles: silver, green and red color
  • an amethyst pyramid or an amethyst sphere orgonite pyramid (can be found online)
  • a wand (wood or metal)
  • a blade (dagger or sword)
  • red/black/purple/violet ritual robes

Quick explanation: Amethyst is the precious stone that corresponds with Hecate both symbolically and energetically. By charging the stone with proper ritualistic movements and incantations Hecate can be evoked in the magic triangle and communicated with.

The silver candle corresponds to Hecate’s lunar powers of witchcraft, the green one to her primordial ability to heal and rejuvenate, and the red candle to her assertive personality and strength. Purple/violet color of the amethyst represents her royal nature in which all powers and attributes are conjoined.

The pyramid as a shape is significant in its ability to attract and accumulate energy. This has been known to ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Aztecs and many others. A pyramid-like structure can be utilized in summoning ritual to attract a spirit, given that other ritual requirements are fulfilled as well.

1. Mark the circle and triangle

Dress in your ritual robes and dim the lights or use only candles for light.

For this evocation you need to draw two shapes on the floor: an equilateral triangle (all sides are equal) and a circle. Two points should be parallel to the circle. The  distance should be roughly 1 meter or 3,3 ft. Hecate should be summoned inside the triangle, while you need to remain inside the circle. Unlike the invocation, here the purpose is to separate you from the spirit.

2. Mark the candles and put them in position

Carve the symbol Α on the green candle, the symbol Ω on the red candle and the symbol Δ on the silver candle.

Place a candle on each point of the triangle and light them. Looking from the circle, the green candle goes on the left point, red candle on the right and silver candle on the remaining point. Place the amethyst pyramid in the middle of the triangle.

3. Attract Hecate’s energy

Stand inside the circle, have your wand and blade inside as well. You should not move outside the circle until the ritual is finished. Facing the triangle, with the blade in your right hand, draw an inverted pentagram in the air.

Next using your left hand imagine that you are pushing the pentagram towards the triangle, then make it smaller and smaller until it can be fitted inside the pyramid. As you’re doing so chant Hecate’s enn: “Anana Hekate Ayer!”

Put down the blade and pick up the wand. Now, imagine that your head is detached from your body and place the center of your perception on your heart.

It will create a peculiar feeling where you are no longer observing the world through your head but through your heart. You will perceive reality a bit differently, as if everything is more vivid. Focus on the heart area and notice the detached feeling in your head.

Visualize a flame burning in your heart. Now, lift your wand and point it at the candles. Send this fiery energy from the heart first to the green candle, then to the red and finally to the silver candle. As you are doing so say for every candle out loud: “Accende flammam impia!”

4. Evoke Hecate through the pyramid

Next, point the wand to the pyramid and close your eyes. Imagine that the candles are sending rays of energy in their respective color to the pyramid that energize it, while the pyramid is sending a clear, powerful ray of violet energy into the sky.

From the sky an equally powerful golden ray is returning back into the pyramid so that it’s becoming more luminous, expanding and filling the entire triangle with its presence. Then say: “Hecate I summon thee into the triangle! I wish to communicate to you my thoughts and desires. I ask that you help me in this hour of need!”

Remember to keep your wand pointing at the pyramid the entire time. It’s your connection to it, the only connection since you are standing inside the circle. So Hecate cannot influence you in any way, you are communicating only through the wand which serves as an energetic link that transports your incantations and intent to the goddess.

5. Communicate with Hecate

Keeping your eyes closed or slightly open and gazing at the triangle, communicate your request to the goddess. Sense her presence and her responses. She may very well give you signs of her presence, through a vision, sounds, feelings of sensational coldness, heat, shivers, racing heart or an influx of pleasurable sensations.

Sometimes the summoner will discover that he is speaking automatically, as if his/her subconscious is communicating to the spirit without any control but the words make a lot of sense.

6. End the evocation

When you are ready to end the evocation, lower down the wand so that it’s no longer pointing at the triangle. Say the following: “I end the ritual with greatest reverence towards you, goddess Hecate. May my desires be fulfilled through your power and blessing. Hail Hecate!”

Now you can leave the circle, and clean up the floor and store the ritual items for future use. As with the invocation, it would be best to open the window for a while and leave the room for a while so that the energy can balance out again.

Continue your day in normal fashion, or you can immediately begin pursuing the goals that you asked Hecate to assist you with.

Final Thoughts

While I created these rituals on my own, they are not by any means random. I borrowed the main points from multiple sources, including the Golden Dawn and the key components of much older pagan, theurgic and shamanic traditions.

I removed some ritual requirements and constrictions that seemed superfluous and outdated. For example, some magicians put a lot of focus on atmospheric additions like fragrances, decorations, gems and so forth. Older traditions emphasize the ritual location to a large extent, but the location is very much culturally dependent and thus irrelevant. To a modern magician, locations like Delphi or parts of the Teutoburg forest don’t have the spiritual significance that they had for the ancient Greeks or the Germanic tribes.

Although such rituals are very beautiful and perhaps culturally gratifying, connecting the magician to a very old pagan tradition, they are not the only option. So, I’ve preserved the important components of those rituals and modified them for modern use.

Need further assistance? Request a ritual and I will perform a perfect magick ritual on your behalf and provide you with further help and information. See you on the other side!

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