How to Summon Zepar: Full Guide With 2 Summoning Rituals

Zepar is arguably the most thrilling of demons for anyone with a high libido.

First of all, he’s a mighty duke of Hell, commanding 26 legions of demons in Hell. He often appears as a men in red cloth and equipped as a soldier.

Now we get to the good part. Zepar’s specialty is love, lust and sodomy. He is skilled in making women fall in love with the summoner at his request. If you have a love interest and she’s not responding to your flirtations, or you haven’t approached her yet, Zepar can be of great service.

Zepar can also be a powerful ally for those interested in PUA (pick-up artistry). Doing cold approaches during the day or approaching women in night club settings can both become more successful with Zepar’s assistance.

He can also transform the female lover into other pleasant shapes for the enjoyment of the magician.

On top of helping with human lovers, Zepar can conjure a succubus in your dreams. If you enjoy being visited by female demons of questionable morality during REM phase of sleep, Zepar can increase the vividness and frequency of these events.

The dangers of summoning Zepar

While Zepar can help you become a Casanova and entrap an otherwise unwilling lover, there are some dangers to be aware of.

The greatest danger is that the lover you attract via Zepar can become barren. Imagine being deeply in love with a woman and making her fall in love with you with Zepar’s assistance. Eventually the two of you get married, only to find out that she can’t have any children. The same magically-induced barrenness can happen with your one-night flings as well.

Magicians working with Goetic demons have speculated that the reason for this loss of fertility is Zepar’s tendency to suck out the female energy through the intercourse between the summoner and the female. Which is why he’s willing to assist the summoner in the first place.

Perhaps this doesn’t bother you, maybe you even prefer the reduced risk of impregnation. But it’s nevertheless morally questionable unless you inform the women you deal with are made aware of the risk. So make sure that you’re ready to take the chance when asking Zepar for assistance.

How to summon Zepar

For Zepar to intervene in your love efforts, you’ll need to perform a proper summoning ritual. With summoning any demon I like to remind people that it’s not enough to just go through the motions.

In some cases even that can work. Most of the time however, you’ll need to focus on the ritual actions and place a lot of intent into them. In order to focus properly, you have to relax, let go off your other concerns and be present in the moment.

This is why getting into a trance state is incredibly helpful, as well as having experience with meditation. If your mind is all over the place, do something about it before performing the ritual. Don’t disrespect the demon by inviting him unprepared.

Some great ways to improve your concentration for magick rituals include meditation, cold shower, yoga, chi gong, running. When you’re physically and mentally ready, perform one of these summoning rituals:

Summoning ritual #1:

  • Light a Sandalwood or Mandrake incense.
  • Draw his sigil on a piece of paper. If you’re performing the ritual outside, draw it on the ground with a stick in front of you.
  • Draw a circle around the sigil. This is necessary to confine the demon to one place.
  • Call out to Zepar by using his enn. Zepar’s enn is “Lyan Ramec catya Zepar”, pronounced as “Lie-an rah-mek kat-yah Zeh-par”
  • As you repeat his enn in a rythmic, trance inducing way, close your eyes and feel the energy moving through the air and through your body.
  • If you’ve done these steps properly, Zepar will arrive and you’ll be able to communicate your desires and ask for assistance.

Summoning ritual #2:

  • 3 drops of a virgin’s blood dripped onto a pentagram
  • 6 candles one on each corner of the star
  • Make an offer for being summoned. Anything that you find meaningful can work. Burning a sum of money on the candles can work. Sounds painful, right? Well, that’s the point. Through pain you can show to the demon that you’re not playing around.
  • Facing the pentagram, get into the child’s pose. But invert your hands, so that your palms are looking up
  • In this child’s pose, repeat Zepar’s enn in a rythmic, trance-inducing manner 30 times.

 What to expect?

How strongly Zepar will manifest himself to the magician depends on the magicians power. For a magician skilled in visualization, the demon can appear as a real physical entity made of real flesh.

Those with lesser visualization powers will notice changes of energy in the air, such as sudden coldness, heat, wind. Flashes of light and sudden noises may also appear.

To improve the chances of response, always perform these rituals in a quiet and desolate place. Zepar is considered a day demon. The best time to perform them is at sunrise or directly before sunset.

Before summoning Zepar..

If this is your first time summoning a demon, I suggest getting getting in touch with your spiritual side first. You don’t want to jump from an “average Joe” mindset to dealing with a powerful Duke of Hell on your first try.

Meditation, visualization and concentration and other preliminary self-development work is often required. With these foundations under your belt, you’ll become more successful at summoning demons and controlling them instead of either failing at first or being controlled by them if you succeed.

If you feel like you’re ready, perform one of the rituals above and see what Zepar asks of you in return (if anything, in case you performed an adequate offering/sacrifice).

If he’s willing to help you, you’ll soon experience more female attention that you can handle, both from our material plane and more subtle, spiritual planes of reality.

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