How to Summon King Bael: Full Demon Summoning Ritual

Do you want to summon Bael (also known as Baal) to do your bidding? In the Lesser Key of Solomon, Bael is described as:

The first principal spirit is a king ruling in ye East, called Bael. He maketh men go Invisible, he ruleth over 66 Legions of Inferiour spirits, he appeareth in divers shapes, sometimes like a Cat, sometimes like a Toad, sometimes like a man & sometimes in all these forms at once. He speaketh very horsly.

So if you’re following this particular description of Bael, the reason for summoning him would be to gain Invisibility. Some occultists claim that Bael can provide Invincibility as well.

Considering his high status as a king and the fact that he is often equated with Satan and Lucifer, this could very well be the case. I’ve only summoned Bael so far to provide Invisibility and this has proven to be a very successful undertaking.

You could also summon Bael to simply understand him in more detail and ask him how he can help you and go from there. Instead of relying on someone else’s interpretation.

Having said that, you are wondering HOW to summon Bael. Since that is your main question, here is a very effective ritual that I’ve personally used to communicate with Bael and to be granted the power of Invisibility (to be hidden from enemies, not for actual invisibility of course):

1. Draw Bael’s Sigil

Using a sigil of the demon you’re summoning is not 100% necessary. But like all other ritual items, it serves to increase your connection.

Sigils that are found in popular grimoires like Ars Goetia have been used by thousands of occultists in the past who’ve tried to summon those same demons.

So there’s an already established connection between our realm and theirs by the use of these symbolic tools. So the better question is: Why NOT use a sigil when it can improve your results?

Draw Bael’s sigil on a piece of paper or parchment. To start with, use a CD or any other roundly shaped object to make a circle. Than draw the symbol of the demon with a pencil and try to get all the fine details.

The reason for using a pencil is so that you can correct any small mistakes you make along the way. Once you’ve finished drawing with a pencil, draw with a ballpoint pen or a felt-tip pen over it.

As you draw the sigil, you’re already connecting with Bael since you’re manifesting your attention to summon him. And as you draw, you will actually feel that the ritual is already taking place.


Alternatively, you can wear Bael’s sigil as a pedant on a necklace. For example S. Connolly writes in Demonolatry Goetia:

“Some view Ba’el as the fire part of Ba’al. He rules over solstices and fire festivals and can bring together friends. He can spark creativity and instruct people in matters of the heart. If you seek him for wealth, let it be in creative wealth or wealth created by creative projects. It Is suggested you wear his sigil while invoking him.”

I believe it’s more powerful to create the sigil as part of the ritual. But you are encouraged to try different methods and see what works best for you.

2. Enter a trance

A trance state occurs when you achieve a lower brainwave frequency. There are a number of different frequencies, symbolized with Greek letters, such as alpha, beta, gamma, delta.

You want to get into Theta. This is the state of deep meditation, and also the state right before falling asleep. In this state it’s easy to visualize and see things from other realities and to connect with your subconscious mind. This is the ideal mental frame for conducting magical rituals. There are different methods that can be used to enter this state such as:

  • reduced your breathing volume (small inhale, small exhale, hold breath for 10 seconds or more, repeat)
  • using a chant or a mantra (use Bael’s Enn: Ayer Secore On Ca Bael)
  • sway, swing, let go of control over your body, let go of control over your mind and let the words dedicated to Bael come out by themselves
  • you can also use theta-state inducing music. For example binaural or isochronic beats. There are plenty of those available on Youtube.

Keep the sigil near as you do enter this elevated state of consciousness. You can sit on a chair and keep the paper with the sigil on the table in front of you. From this sigil you can visualize in your mind’s eye the formation of Bael in a physical form.

3. Communicate with Bael

If you’ve entered the trance state, you’ll notice that your conscious mind is no longer in full control. The more you can reduce it’s influence, which is severely limited by everyday reality, the more success you’ll have in summoning Bael and any other spiritual entity.

As you notice the presence of Bael fill your surroundings, start to communicate your intent. Ask Bael to help you with specific issues. From who do you need protection? The government? Enemies in your personal life? Are you in a dangerous situation and need invisibility to escape it? There are many situations in which you could be better off if no one would notice your presence.

Or perhaps you want invincibility. Don’t take this literally as in “I am now immortal”. Think of it as having greater strength to overcome any obstacles on your path to success.

Bael will very likely communicate to you in your mind. You’ll have a two-way conversation. Perhaps he’ll even speak to you by actually moving your mouth and producing the words.

The words will flow out of you as if you were inspired by another entity or some otherwise unconscious part of your psyche. Which is exactly what is happening. Make sure to communicate your desire well and to be respectful to Bael but never become subservient to him.

In some cases of deep trance, Bael might manifest in a physical form. This can be quite amazing as an unusual phenomenon, but it’s not something you should be focused on achieving. Spiritual entities are spiritual, not physical. They can assume a physical form in some situations, but that’s not how they “actually” look like anyway.

If you don’t see Bael as a toad, cat, human or whatever other form is mentioned, it doesn’t mean your ritual wasn’t successful. Notice the presence itself and this will be clear to you.

4. Be in charge!

This is a CRUCIAL part of evoking any demon or spirit. YOU are in charge. You are the Master, the Creator, NOT the demon. You are essentially God, top of the hierarchy in those moments while you’re conducting the ritual.

Never become a servant to the demon or bow down to him as if you were inferior. This can lead to demonic possession and it can ruin any chances you have of getting favors from the demon. Why would Bael help some inferior creature if he could dominate it instead?

Now, this doesn’t mean you should be rude either. Simply keep a balanced, respectful relationship, but keep in mind that you are the top dog in the relationship. The demon is a talented colleague in a mutually beneficial undertaking.

The demon always gets something in return for helping you – recognition, fame and influence. After all, the demons found in ancient and mordern grimoires have preserved their name despite of religious prosecution because they were helping the magicians. If they weren’t, they’d be long forgotten by now.

5. Get out of the trance

You should be in a trance like state while you’re communicating your intention and desires to Bael. Once you’re ready to end the ritual, tell the demon that he may go now and do your bidding as you discussed. There’s no reason for him to linger in the same area any longer.

Then get out of the trance by opening your eyes, getting outside of the room and performing any regular activities that will get your mind away from the ritual. Go for a walk, prepare a meal, play with your dog… doesn’t matter, just get into your regular mental state and forget all about the ritual.

5. Keep the sigil open

If you’re using a sigil to evoke Bael, keep it open as long as you need his assistance. Store the piece of paper in a safe place. If you have a pendant, wear it or store it in a jewelry box.

Keep in mind that having too many sigils open at once can lead to bad or outright negative results. Having the power of Invisibility is great, perhaps you’d want to have it forever. So perhaps you’ll never want to close the sigil for Bael. But if you want to summon other demons it would be beneficial to do so, in order to avoid confusing these various influences.

The more experienced you become, the easier it is to keep more sigils open at the same time. Beginners should limit themselves to 3-4 sigils. And even then, don’t evoke all the most powerful demons at the same time. A king, a duke and a knight… perhaps. Not three kings at the same time. Use common sense.

6. Close the sigil

The sigil serves as a visual gateway for Bael to enter this plane of existence. Once you’re done using his services, it’s time to close that pathway.

Thank the demon for the assistance he’s provided you. Then destroy the sigil. Burn it, tear it into pieces, bury it in the ground, throw it in a lake.. do something that makes your intentions clear just as you did when you were performing the ritual.

Final Word: How to Summon Bael (Baal)

Summoning demons goes easier for some than others. It’s not my intention to brag, but I’ve always had a talent for this particular type of magic. The more natural talent you have, the easier it is to get into a trance and communicate with demons and other spiritual entities.

Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, had a very powerful connection with the spiritual realm. Some say his home was a place of constant paranormal activities and he even frightened Freud who was a staunch materialist.

But Jung wasn’t a skilled occultist. What we want to accomplish is a ‘controlled’ summoning ritual. There’s a kind of “letting go” combined with staying in control that has to occur in those moments. Because you have to get into a trance state which is by itself a form of shutting off the conscious mind.

But you don’t want the demon to take control of you in those moments either. Otherwise you’d be listening to a monologue from the demon in question, unable to communicate your desire and command, which is your priority after all.

Strike a balance and you’ll be able to communicate and arrange pacts with any demon, whether it’s Bael, Mammon, Astaroth, Zepar or any other entity you have in mind.

Want to receive the benefits of a Bael ritual faster and more effectively? Consider hiring me to perform it for you. I perform rituals for clients based on their unique circumstances and goals. If you’re interested I look forward to hearing from you!

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