4 Powerful Energy Spells

All activities require energy. If you can increase your energy, you will become more productive throughout the day and push through various obstacles more easily. Spells can be used to increase your energy at any moment. Here are 4 powerful energy spells for you to perform.

Spells to Boost Energy

1. Stand like a tree

This Qigong posture is not exactly a spell but it works like one! Qigong practitioners believe that our bodies are charged with Qi (energy) and that doing certain movements or postures can increase this energy in the body.

One of the most popular poses for an energy boost is called “zhan zhuang” or “standing like a tree”. It’s very easy to do and you will feel the effects immediately:

You will probably feel that your body is vibrating and your eyes are very focused while you’re holding this pose. It means that you are charging with new energy.

It’s advised to imagine this new glowing energy settling in the Dan Tian area. Dan Tian is like the body’s battery. It’s inside the stomach, an inch below the navel. The Dan Tian is the main place where our energy resides according to the Chinese esoteric tradition.

2. Belial Invocation

You can invoke a fiery, energetic spirit to boost your energy. This spell or invocation calls upon Belial, one of the Kings of Hell. Belial means “without a master”, and symbolizes independence, self-sufficiency, and personal accomplishment. All of these achievements require energy, and his red, fiery nature is symbolic of that.

To invoke a spirit means to allow it to enter you so that you may take on some or all of its powers and attributes. You are still in control of yourself, but you gain new powers or character traits from this experience. Here’s a Belial invocation spell for energy:

  • Dress in your best clothes. If you have a magician’s robe even better.
  • Close all the windows and create a quiet atmosphere.
  • Create a magic circle on the floor. I prefer to use chalk or salt for the sake of convenience.
  • Draw Belial’s sigil on parchment or a piece of paper. You don’t have to draw the circle around the sigil with Belial’s name on it, since you’ll place the paper inside the magic circle. Simply draw the sign.
  • Place the paper in the middle of the circle.
  • Light a red candle and place it on top of the paper.
  • Light a large black (or other dark color) candle and hold it in your hand.
  • Shut the lights off and make the room completely dark except for the two candles.
  • Stand outside the magic circle and slowly circle around it counter-clockwise 9 times while holding the candle.
  • While you’re walking around the circle chant Belial’s enn: “Lirach tasa vefa welhc Belial”
  • At this point you no longer need the black candle. Stand on the edge of the circle and place your left hand inside the circle above the sigil and the candle and call forth Belial: “Mighty Belial, I summon thee into this reality. Come forth King of Hell!” – This is only an example of something you could say. You will probably be inspired to construe your words in a different way in the moment.
  • Close your eyes. Envision your stretched hand summoning a powerful red and green energy of Belial, which is manifesting from the sigil and moving higher and higher from the candle, encapsulating the entire magical circle. You may chant Belial’s enn during this part of the ritual also.
  • At this point Belial should appear to you, either as a physical manifestation, an inner vision or he might talk through you. Perhaps he will force you to write something. It really depends on the magician and the type of connection he can make with spirits. Everyone is unique in this matter.
  • Once you’ve communicated to Belial what you require assistance with and he’s agreed to help you or not, send Belial on his way and close the ritual by storing away the ritual items, allowing light into the room and going outside for a while to reflect on the ritual or perform unrelated activities.

3. Spell to charge an item with magical energy

You can charge an item with magical energy by using your wand or ritual dagger. If you don’t have these items, you may use your hand by imagining the energy coming out of your palm and into the item. When you wear this item, it will provide you with extra energy.

While you can charge any item you want, it’s most convenient to do it with jewelry and other smaller items that are easy to carry. Also, some items are naturally more energetic. For example, a ruby gemestone has a red and fiery nature and is predisposed to playing a more active energetic role.

Silver items are also more receptive to receiving energy than gold, since silver represents the Moon, which is reflective of the Sun (added energy), while gold represents the Sun, which is self-sufficient.

To charge an item with energy be well rested and then imagine yourself transfering some of your energy as a bright glowing light into the item whilst pointing towards it with a wand, dagger or the palm of your hand.

Wear this item whenever you need extra energy. If you wear it often, re-charge it whenever you feel like it’s no longer providing the said benefit.

4. Sound and visualization energy spell

Music and dance are powerful ways to boost energy. If you listen to a sad song you will feel a depression or reduction of energy. If you listen to (or play yourself) uplifting or heavy metal music, you will feel more aggressive or energetic afterwards. Music is magical in that sense.

You can also modify other atmospheric elements to produce the desired effect. For example, burn uplifting incense, such as rose or white sage while listening to energizing music.

Visualize yourself taking in the sound vibrations inside your heart. As your heart absorbs this energy it pumps it out outwardly along with blood, expanding it to the rest of your body.

This is a good energy spell or ritual to start your day with greater enthusiasm and confidence.

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