How to Banish An Evil Spirit, Succubus and Incubus

In a previous article I shared a guide on how to summon a succubus or an incubus with the purpose of creating a beneficial relationship with these spirits. But many people are haunted by them unwantingly. These lustful entities can drain you of energy and cause emotional disturbances. They enter from the astral plane into one’s dreams and sometimes even cause disturbances during waking hours.

To banish a succubus or an incubus clear your mind of negative thoughts with meditation, positive affirmations and by avoiding negative people and events until the issue is resolved. You can also perform banishing rituals to cleanse a living space by using incense, purified water and placing the sigil of archangel Michael on a prominent place. 

Here are more details and useful advice on banishing these spirits:

1. Reduce your inner fire

Lustful spirits can enter one’s mind because they are attracted by your thoughts and energy. People who are too “fiery” by nature, behave in such a manner or watch content of a fiery nature are attractive targets. Some things that can increase the fire element in your mind and body are:

  1. Induling in lustful content and allowing such thoughts to linger
  2. Consuming too much meat, sugar and fried foods
  3. Alcohol, nicotine and other intoxicating substances
  4. Behaving angrily or too passionately (even if you have a good reason)

Consider succubi and incubi to be similar to gut bacteria. If you eat too much sugar, you will overfeed the bacteria that feasts on sugar, which can lead to gut inflammation, heartburn and many other issues. If you’re adding too much fire into your system, lustful demons will come to taunt you and cause problems.

So reduce fire in your system by reducing the previously listed behaviors and replacing them with their opposites. So instead of watching adult content, watch spiritual videos. Instead of eating red meat, eat some green veggies or fruit. If you want to go a bit more extreme, try a water fast for a day or two. Use physical exercise when you feel angry or sad, instead of allowing these emotions to boil up inside.

These simple lifestyle changes can overtime eliminate the infestation of evil spirits in your life.

2. Eliminate negative thoughts with meditation

Since succubi and incubi feed off of negative energy, reducing that energy is the way to go. By reducing your fire you will tackle the issue on a both mental and physical level. You can also use meditation to speed up the process. Meditation will provide you with greater control over your thoughts so you can lock the door to your consciousness when these spirits come knocking.

Perform 20 minutes of meditation in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, preferably before having a meal so that the digestive processes don’t disturb your breathing whilst meditating. There are two ways to meditate in order to banish these spirits.

First method is mindfulness meditation where the goal is to eliminate all thoughts so that your mind becomes completely empty. Simply ask yourself during meditation “What am I thinking?”. This will cause your thougts to evaporate for a few seconds. Keep practicing this until there are no more thoughts in your mind.

The other method is to focus on one particular thing for the same duration. You can chant or repeat a mantra like “OM”, a positive information, gaze at a candle flame or even a dot on a wall. Doing this will drastically improve your concentration so you can shift your focus away from these demonic entities at any time. This will even happen in dreams because you will do it subconsciously.

3. Summon archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the chief protector against evil spirits. You can summon Michael or pray to him for protection during these hard times and reap the benefits.

Michael can also cleanse an area that is infested by evil spirits. Draw, print or purchase a sigil (sign) of archangel Michael and place it in your bedroom or any other area where a spirit is bothering you. Keep it there for as long as necessary. If you want personal protection at all times, consider getting a necklace with his sigil and wear it at all times.

Here’s a excellent video course on summoning angels for protection, healing and empowerment in other areas of life.

4. Sleep in a different room

You may want to try sleeping in a different area while you’re bothered by a succubus or incubus. Sometimes the spirit is not actually targeting any person, but is instead stuck in a specific place. So anyone who sleeps there or spends a lot of time will be affected. So maybe it’s time to see just how comfortable your couch actually is.

Also remove any occult gateways that these spirits could be attracted to. For example a scrying mirror, a crystal ball, tarot cards and any such items should be stored in a different room for the time being.

5. Remember any unfinished pacts with demons

Have you tried to summon a demon in the past? Perhaps you promised to give something to a spirit but you didn’t fulfill that promise. Now it’s haunting you and you can’t seem to shake it off. The easiest way to banish a spirit in that situation is to fulfill your end of the bargain.

If you can’t do it for some reason, try to communicate with the spirit in question and ask if you can do something else instead or you will have to wage full on spiritual war against it. Demons are pretty rational and will more often than not be willing to change the agreement if the change is justified.

Final Word: How to Banish Evil Spirits, Succubus and Incubus

The most important thing to realize is that evil spirits are attracted by negativity. If you can cleanse your body, mind and soul and reduce negativity in the future eventually these spirits won’t have any energy to feed off of and they will leave you alone.

The reason why many people struggle with banishing negative spirits from their life is because they try ritualistic methods but don’t change their lifestyle in any meaningful way. It’s like trying to lose weight by using weight loss pills while stuffing yourself with hamburgers at the same time.

In order to speed up the process and to receive immediate help, you can summon angels, especially archangel Michael to protect you with his positive spiritual influence until you have the situation under control.

Lastly, don’t forget to finish any previously made pacts with demons, because you could be suffering attacks from a revengeful spirit with a justified cause. If that’s the reason an evil spirit is bothering you, than getting rid of it will be harder without contacting it through a ritual first and smoothing things out. Hope this helps!

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