How to Cast a Magic Circle for Protection (Wicca)

First, I will share with you a general guide for casting any magic circle. These are the basics that need to be followed regardless of whether you’re casting a magic circle for protection,

When you are about to perform a ritual, the circle must be thrown away and more carefully treated than usual. Make sure the tip of the ritual knife or sword follows the correct circle line – i.e. to cut the circle as properly as possible. You can use chalk for this to properly mark the circle – which with your own hands is impossible to do.

The person throwing the circle must direct as much energy as possible through the knife (if used) or the index finger of the right hand. It is important to do a thorough spraying and incense smoking. The work also adapts to the Esbat circle or moon phase, followed by cakes, wine or beer. While eating, one thinks (or discusses if it is a group) how the rite will be performed. The circle is then fixed once more by sending energy to the knife. At the outset, concentrate on the ritual sequence.

Getting in and out

During the ritual, the circle should not be interrupted. In an emergency, it is possible to leave and return, although exiting and re-entering in this case must be done with extreme care.

Leaving the circle

With a knife in the hand to the east of the circle, the door is cut (movement as if cut through the lines of the circle), first on the right and then on the left. Then it comes out between the lines. Some hangers start with a cut on the ground and climb to full height, into an arch, and then lower down to the ground on the other side – as if they cut a large door. This is not necessary, it is enough to cut the circle line. After exiting, the circle temporarily closes behind.


When returning to the circle, follow the same path as you went and close the door or lines again. Originally three rounds were thrown: one with a knife, the other with salted water, the third with incense.

To finish, you pick up a knife and seal a circle making a pentagram. Kiss the blade of the knife and go back into place.

Once the magic work begins the circle should not be interrupted.

Environmental requirements 

We all have powers within our bodies. It’s the same power used for healing and can be seen in the form of an aura that can move inanimate objects – telekinesis, which allows you to see things in a crystal ball or tarot card. It is a very impressive power and can change your life.

Whenever you do magic, make sure you stay clear. You will put all your energy, concentration and strength into the work you do. You cannot achieve this if you worry that someone will detect you, that your phone will ring. Make sure you won’t be disturbed.

Music and dance

One way to reach and bring a certain degree of energy to the circuit is through music. Most of the dances and music in the circle begin slowly and gradually develop faster and faster. 

Music and rhythm can make your blood run through your veins. You can feel the heat which means that the contact energy is in place. What to sing? Not something like mambo-jumbo, or words you don’t understand. Better words are simple and understandable. Do you do magic to make money? Then sing about money:

“My lord and master, I am your follower. Make me happy. Bring me fortune. “

It may seem earthly and unhelpful, but it is much easier to bring emotions into it and remember it than something like: lamah, bashus, carbay, sabalos…

Remember: simplicity and rhythm.

The feeling / emotion

Feeling is probably the strongest single element in magic practice. Get a clear picture in your mind of what you want to do. Think about the end result. 

Example: Suppose you want to write a best-selling novel. Don’t think of yourself as really writing a novel. Instead, think about a novel that has already been written (on your part, of course), accepted and published, and visualize, in your mind, a completed book. Visualize it in hardcover or paperback in bookstores. Don’t look at an emerging thing – watch it complete.

The best place to open a circle is nature because of the touch with the elements. In order for the ritual to use the energy of nature, you should light the incense of your choice (the best combination of Incense and Sage) before opening the circle . Incense is used to cleanse the space of negative energy. Imagine that negative energy like a cloud is moving away from you and disappearing. Then fill the place with water mixed with salt (blessed water).

Circle marking:

A circle can be marked in many ways and these are just a few.

  • By drawing (chalk)
  • Labeling (plants or other objects)
  • By setting the rope
  • Drawing with a dagger or sword

Note: Circle drawing must always be clockwise, and the size of the circle should be such that all participants (in case you have more) can enter it. This is also the last time to enter the circle, ie. leaving the circle, otherwise the ritual will be disrupted. You may or may not need to work with your eyes closed, the important thing is that you can concentrate and nothing distracts you.


Grounding is also important because otherwise ritual uses your energy instead of the energy of nature around you.

In short, grounding is done as follows:

Sit or stand in any position that is comfortable for you (it is important that your back is upright) and meditate for a few minutes with your eyes closed. When you are concentrated enough, imagine the roots coming out of your extremities and merging with the nature below you. If you have successfully completed this part, you are ready to continue.

Imagine a circle rising above you in the form of a light barrier that will protect energy from dissipation (you can visualize the lift of light).

Then say the following:

Blessed is this place of joy and happiness, the shield against evil and weakness. May peace fill this place and may my strength grow within it. I bless you and sanctify you.

Note: This is the simplest way to open a circle, and there are hundreds of them

Spell of protection

The opening is followed by a spell of protection of choice (for beginners, the best red thread is hooked to the ring and sprinkled with blessed water) and then, summoning the elements in the following order:

Earth (turn north):
“Guardian of the tower of the north,
Power of the earth,
I thank You
For your presence in my circle
And seek your blessing,
May peace be between us
Now and forever. Bless you be!”

Note: The elements should take the position of the pentagram within the circle, and place in the space of each element some object that is in any way related to magic, you, or the ritual. Also place a candle in the place of each element.

Meditate on fields, mountains, or anything else that is  related to the element of the earth.

During meditation, say to yourself,
“I am your Creator. From me comes fruits, fruits and animals that feed you. I’m your support. The weight of your body holds you tight to me. You die without me. Am I not holy and worthy of the reward? ”

And then the element Air :
“Guardian of the Tower of the East,
Wind Power,
I thank You
For being in my circle
And seeking your blessing,
May peace be between us
Now and forever. Bless you be!”

In meditation, imagine the sky, the wind, the clouds…

The Element of Fire :
“Guardian of the tower of the south,
The power of fire,
I thank You
For being in my circle
And seeking your blessing,
May peace be between us
Now and forever. Bless you be!”

Visualize flames, firepower, firepower ..

The Element of Water:
“The Watchtower of the West,
The Power of Water,
Thank You
For Being in My Circle
And Seeking Your Blessing,
May Peace Be Between Us
Now and Forever. Bless you be!”

Visualize rivers, seas, floods and sediments.

After that the circle is ready. Do not leave it until you have completed the ritual (if you wish you can call any deity you believe in for your protection).

Release the elements

Thank the elements in any way possible and release them. For example:

The element of Water I thank you for your presence and the powers you give me. Bless you be!
You visualize the deposits around you disappearing, the water receding and disappearing (extinguish the candle of water) To the

Element of Fire I thank you for your presence and the power you give me. Bless you be!
Visualize how the powerful flame from earlier diminishes and disappears, extinguish the candle of fire.

I thank the element of the Air for your presence, for the loyalty and loyalty you bring. Bless you be!
Storms and winds diminish and disappear, extinguish the candle of the air

Then repeat:

Thanks and glory to the elements, I release you with the testimony of Jupiter and Fortuna’s Patronage
(or use other deities/spiritual entities you feel more connected to)

In order to complete the ritual, you must send energy into space, and you will do so by visualizing it with your hands, preferably thinking less about the ritual and being in the present moment.

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