Magic Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire (Full Guide)

These four elements make up the entire universe. They are the basic creation and base of life itself. In magic, they are complete together with the fifth element – the element of the spirit (Akasha). Every pagan and occult tradition finds its direction in them. Each has its own magical properties, a magical tool that invokes the element, the side of the world to which it responds.

Of all other alchemical elements, the most closely related are emotions, the human psyche and nature. Magical elements have the same importance in astrology and tarot. Many occultists claim to be human manifestation of the elemental energy emanating from the astral world. The rest of the world is also made of the same energy, but some parts are more aware of their true nature than others.

Ancient myths and theories tell us that God and Goddess have sent four divine beings – ghosts to the face of the earth to bring order to chaos. As the rays from their divine bodies came into contact with the crystallizing influence of the lower worlds, they united humanity, heaven and the supreme deity.

The magic elements are protected by the ghosts – the Elementals. The gnomes thus guard the Earth, Silph rules the air, Salamander rules the fire, Undines the water. The Magical Elements and the Elementals are divided into four sides in a magic circle under the watchful eye of the Lord – the Old – the Mighty – the Guardians – (Watchtowers, the Mighty Ones, Old Ones, Guardians).

Element Earth

This is the first element evoked during a ritual)

Direction: North ( At the time the element is summoned, face north, the magical tool corresponding to the Earth element is placed in the magic circle on the north side) Season: winter

Time of day: midnight

Sensation: touch

Action: Learn

Condition: solid

Arkanđel: Uriel

Magic tools: pentacle, magic wand, salt, broom Stones used to help with the element: amber, bloodstone, hematite (iron oxide), tiger eye, obsidian, moss agate, aventurine, onyx, peridot

Color : green, grass color – vibrating, dynamic, vibrant Earth, grass color – well-being, black – pure dead Earth (matter of black holes), brown, earthy brown – stable Earth – status quo, gray, white

Specificities: Earth dominates the body, brings growth, healing, is used in magical rituals related to material gain, money, business and finances of all kinds. It is used in rituals of knowledge, wisdom, strength, growth, well-being

Represents: structure, laws, metal, bones, mountains, fields, rocks: Earth is stability, naturalness, age and wisdom

Herbs that associate with the Earth element: patchouli, wormwood, vertiva, eagle nails, cypress,

Animals: wolf, bear

Elemental King: Ghob

Metals: iron, lead

Oils: cypress, narcissus oil, patchouli

Incense: Myrtle, American Liquidambar, Sage, Patchouli, Magnolia, Wormwood, Roots

Goddesses: Ceres, Myphyts, Persephone, Prithini, Cerridwin, Riannon, Gaia (Mother Earth), Dememter, Rhea (Mother of All Goddesses)

Gods: Adonis, Athos, Arwin, Marduk, Odin (Father of All Gods), Herne (Horned God of the Green Forest), Pan (Joy on Earth)

Thoughts that help:

“With patience I seek holy, ancient knowledge and wisdom, with simplicity I am rich, learning, developing. Through the ceremony I learn the ancient knowledge of Earth. Through ritual, I support the growth of my soul. I’m learning with Earth symbols. “

Month: New Moon

Goddess: Dark

Elementals – Creatures that Rule the Elements : The Earth is dominated by the Gnomes.

  • Various types: Dridi, Hamadrids, Elves, Dwarves, Satire, Pan, Brownies, Sylvestres, Goblin, Tree Spirits
  • Field of work: working with stones, rocks, crystals, metals, plants, bones
  • Dominated: Gob, Goblins
  • Creature personality: distrustful, it’s hard to get their trust, but loyal. They like to eat, to collect things

The technique of connecting to the element Earth – meditation:

  • To get started you will need to get some things like candles, essential oils, stones and herbs. These things are not necessary, but if you can, try to get them. The materials used in this technique serve to aid in the conception, concentration and directing of energy.
  • Take a smaller container of natural material, glass, wooden, or make it yourself out of clay or clay. Initially, a seashell may be used. Fill it with salt. Also, prepare one pot of soil or sand. If possible stones corresponding to Element Earth but not required. Try to get something from herbs: (sage, magnolia, patchouli, myrtle, daffodil) either in fresh form or in the form of essential oil.
  • Buy a green candle, (which is all colored green; make sure it is not colored on the outside only). The candle must be new, unused! One day, leave it outside, in the sun and moonlight, to clear the candle from the energy it has accumulated during transportation. For this reason, it is most desirable to make one at home, but to start with, stick to that rule. Immerse it in a salt bath and wash with one sewing needle. Let it dry. Coat it with a plate to protect against wax leakage. Use a needle to print earth symbols.
  • Do some spinal and shoulder exercises before meditation. Stretch out. It is important that you do not feel any pressure and that your spine is in a straight position.
  • Now that you have everything ready, sit comfortably, straighten your spine, ground and match a candle (do not use a lighter). Drop a drop of essential oils on the candle (being careful not to drop directly on the flame so that the candle does not go off), and add some of the plants to the leaf. Make the most of your senses!
  • Take a pot of earth in your hands, feel its texture, smell, color. In your mind conjure up images of mountains, rocks, rocks, soil, salt, wood. Pay attention to the weight of your body, bones, teeth, nails, hair and tissue. Usually we perceive these parts as ours, but in this case it is necessary to remember that each part of the Earth Element comes into us and exits us. We bring it in the form of food. It flows through us throughout our lives, building our bodies. It is borrowed from nature but never owned. Nature pictures, large green forests, fields, parks, in short, all solid nature can also help.

The Earth element is associated with the north (facing north), with night, winter, old age, sky. A time where the sun and moon never shine. It is a place of darkness and darkness as in the earth’s interior. A time gone by, a time of forgetting, something like going to sleep. Think of your body as a tree that draws from its interior all that it needs to live, purifies and treats everything unnaturally.

You can write all the associations with Earth during this technique on paper to use later in magical rituals when summoning elements. Feel free to improvise! Magic is different for each individual. Find the way that works best for you by relaxing and throwing out anything that bothers or de-concentrates you. Practice this technique for a week, then move on to the next element.

I note that this is a very powerful technique. Many will experience changes in the third week when connecting with the Element of Earth, such as making important decisions, solving longstanding problems. Let magic do little wonders for you without looking directly for something. In most cases, a solution that is only offered is a better choice than someone we think we need.

I definitely recommend getting some stone that corresponds to the Earth element.

Element Water

Direction: west

Seasons: autumn

Time of day: dawn

Day of the week: Monday, Friday

Sensation: taste

Action: dare

Condition: liquid

Archangel: Gabriel

Magic tools: magic cup, cup, chalice, ball, cup, ring, barrel, all kinds of silver objects, teapot, shells, brushes,

Gems used to help with the element: amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, chalcedony, coral, lapis lazuli, marble, moonstone, pearl, sapphire, selenite

Color: silver, purple, white, blue, indigo

Specifics: used in the rituals and spells of love and romance, psychic powers, astral travels, dream work, meditation, healing, spiritual gains, birth, death, rebirth, invocation of spirits

Herbs that associate with the element water: coral, blackberry, jasmine, vanilla, lotus, valerian, mullet – yarrow, lily, lees, thistle, camphor, myrtle – fragrant resin, iris

Animals: fish and other aquatic animals

Elemental King: Necksa

Metals: copper, silver

Goddesses: Boann, Venus, Cleone, Doris, Fand, Ganga

Gods: Poseidon, Neptune, Lear, Imset, Apo

Goddess: Crone – old lady

Elementals – the beings that rule the elements: Undine

The Water element has a cleaning power. On the spiritual side, it represents aspects of the soul, emotions and subconscious.

Connecting to the Element Water – Meditation:

Get a blue candle. Clean it in salt water, bless and mark with symbols. Take the herbs and gems that correspond to the Water Element. Take a pot of water and set it in a westerly direction. Facing west, light a candle. Burn a small amount of herbs in the censer. Imagine scenes with water: sea, rivers, springs, streams, rain. Take a sip of water. Feel it enter your body, purify it. Feel the blood flow through the veins and flow. Meditate for about 15 minutes.

Element Fire

Direction: south Seasons: summer

Time of day: noon

Day of the week: Sunday

Sensation: vision

Action: do

Condition: Plasma

Archangel: Michael

Magic tools: magic wand, sword, incense – magic smoke, earrings, pipe, candles

Stones used to help with the element: amber, indian tear, carneol, citrine, diamond, quartz, garnet, obsidian, onyx, ruby, tiger eye, topaz

Color: red, gold, yellow, orange,

Specific uses: used for space cleansing, exorcism, strength, desire, passion, employment, protection, change, courage, anger, refutation of magic and spells.

Represents: new spiritual beginnings, spiritual rebirth, inner freedom. It represents life and the will to live, the process of destruction but also purification. Its intensity is seen in the flames of candles, bones, sun, desert. Bringing hope into the magic circle brings hope and courage.

Herbs Associated with the Element Fire: Pimento, Basil, Laurel, Cinnamon, Dill, Anise – Fennel, Garlic, Ginseng, Pepper, Rosemary, Velcro, Wormwood, Tabacco,

Animals: reptiles, amphibians (living above water), lizards, bear, lion

Elemental King: Djin

Metals: bronze, gold, steel

Goddesses: Yamaya, Brighid, Aine, Maia, Vesta, Pele, Hestia

Gods: Lugh, Agni, Ogun, Vulcan, Govannon

Thoughts that help: “I burn the old and prepare the space for a new life. I have been transformed into light. ”

Goddess: Mother

Elemental beings – beings that rule the elements: Salamander

Fire is the highest vibration element. The only element that has the power of transformation. All other elements have only cleaning power.

Connecting to the Element of Fire – Meditation:

Take the red candle. Clean it in salt water. Ritually bless, and with a needle, engrave the symbol of fire. Collect herbs and gems that match the Element of Fire. Add small amounts of herbs to censers. Light a candle. Take a meditation position, straighten your spine and place your feet on the ground. Make a grounding. Take the gems and herbs in your hands. Concentrate on the candle flame, the light it gives. In your mind conjure up images of fire that gradually intensify, the candle flame purifying your body. Pictures of vast deserts and sunshine. Feel the warmth coming from the candle.

Element Air

Direction: east – sunrise

Season: spring – fresh season

Time of day: dawn

Day of the week: Wednesday

Feeling: hearing, smell

Action: be quiet, stay quiet

Condition: gaseous

Archangel: Rafael

Air is an element of a new life, a new beginning, new possibilities. You can bring the influence of the wind into the ritual by using a bell, magic wand, sword, incense burner, yellow topaz, resin, quartz

Magic tools: magic wand, broom, sword, pen, pen,

Stones used to help with the element: light stones, transparent stones, adventurine, meteors

Color: yellow – color of the sun,

Specificities: Sound is the second manifestation of this element. As an element, air is invisible but can be felt (when breathing, blowing wind). Used for travel rituals and spells, finding lost things, some types of divination and freedom, loyalty, loyalty

Presents: movement, freshness, communication, intelligence, inspiration, knowledge, dreams and desires, mountains, windy shores, high, mountain peaks, breathing

Herbs associated with the element Air: dill, iris, general leaves, (Eupatorium cannabinum) – hemp, dandelion, hops, lavender, marjoram, mistletoe, holly, parsley,

Animals: spiders, birds, winged insects

Elemental King: Paralda

Metals: aluminum,

Goddesses: Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea, Nuit, Urania, Oya – Feng Pho-Pho – Nut – All Heavenly Goddesses

Bogovi: Enlil, Kheohera, Mercurym, Shu, Thoth, Ioskeha – Alieon – Aquillo – Boreas -Enlil – Vaya – Zephyrus

Goddess: Maiden – girl

Elementals – the beings that rule the elements: The air is ruled by Sylph

Connecting to the Element Air – Meditation:

  • Get the green candle. Clean it from impurities it has accumulated during transport, (wash in salt water). Dry the candle and bless it. Use a needle to carve an air symbol for it.
  • Collect as many herbs and gems as are appropriate for Element Air.
  • Take a pot that will serve as a censer (sand plate, clay pot – any material that does not crack in contact with heat. Avoid glass!) Coat the pan with a plate. Take charcoal in small quantities if you are working outdoors or burning a cinnamon stick indoors. Add small amounts of herbs. The smoke should not be too strong but pleasant. In case you overdo it, avoid strong flames.
  • Take a meditation position. Straighten your spine and place your feet flat on the ground. Light a candle. Take stones or herbs in your hands. Breathe deeply until you are completely relaxed. Ground yourself. Think of wind. Start with the breeze and increase it to the strength of the tornado. Monitor your breathing, concentrate on the inlet and outlet of air into your lungs. The air from the lungs enters the bloodstream and enters every small part of your body. Imagine pictures of mountains, mountain peaks and cold winds, windy shores. Meditate for about 15 minutes. Get out of meditation slowly.

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