How to Summon Bathin

I’ve received a couple of requests from my readers to share a Bathin summoning ritual. Since Bathin can be very helpful with acquiring knowledge and travelling faster and more safely, it’s no wonder that many magicians wish to contact him at one point or another.

Reasons For Summoning Bathin

Before sharing the step-by-step summoning ritual, it’s important to understand how Bathin can help us and what to expect when summoning him.

First of all, Bathin is described in a couple of famous grimoires, most notably the Ars Goetia or The Lesser Key of Solomon. He is a Duke of Hell (ranked just below the Kings/Chiefs) and as such holds an immense magical potency. This potency is expressed by the number of legions under his control. Here is Bathin’s full description in Ars Goetia:

From this description we can deduce that Bathin can help with:

  • learning about herbs and precious stones
  • travelling a great distance faster and safer

The first point is not as important as the second in my opinion, since we have a lot of information available online and in many books about herbs and precious stones.

In previous epochs such knowledge was harder to come about, so seeking this knowledge from Bathin was a more practical way of acquiring it. Even so, summoning Bathin for this reason will increase your motivation to learn more about these topics and will lead you to the right books, teachers etc.

Travelling has always been the main reason for summoning Bathin. Let’s say you want to travel to Florence, Italy and explore the marvelous renaissance art. The problem is you don’t have the money or time for this top notch cultural experience. Your boss has just made you work weekends and there’s no vacation time in sight. You’re also struggling to save up money for this trip.

In that scenario, Bathin can change the situation at work to accommodate you. He might open your eyes to opportunities such as negotiating a deal with a colleague to do a little extra so that you can take a well deserved vacation.

Or he might urge you to negotiate a vacation despite of the increased workload, putting pressure on your boss to accept your desire or lose a valuable worker. Bathin might also lead you to a business opportunity or improve your desire to save money for the trip.

Those are banal examples, but you get the point – Bathin will allow you to travel faster by removing obstacles, regardless of how big or small they might appear at the moment. Whenever I’m about to travel somewhere I perform a small summoning ritual to ask Bathin for protection and guidance.

With this information in mind, this is the Bathin summoning ritual:

How to Summon Bathin

1. Have clear intent

Unlike some other demons, with Bathin you have to be very specific what you’re asking for. You can’t just say “I want to travel more” or “I want to become a world traveler”.

Bathin helps in eliminating down-to-earth obstacles on your path to getting from point A to point B on a map. Have a clear picture of where you want to go and a reasonable timeframe within which this trip should come about.

Also be aware of the obstacles standing on your way to getting there. This could be a lack of funds, time or even fear of flying, travelling alone etc. Whatever the obstacle might be, this is what you will be asking Bathin to resolve.

2. Prepare Bathin’s sigil, candle, compass and sword/ritual dagger

  • draw or print out Bathin’s sigil
  • get a physical compass or an app. Determine the exact straightforward line between your ritual space and the destination
  • candle should be used as the only source of light in the room
  • sword/ritual dagger is used to point at the destination at a specific time in the ritual

3. The ritual steps

  • Place Bathin’s sigil on a table, place the candle nearby to illuminate it
  • Determine the direction of your travel destination with a map and a compass or some other way (you can obviously do this before the ritual as well)
  • Use the sharp pointed object (sword, dagger..) and point it in the right direction. Hold it in this direction till the end of the ritual.
  • Repeat Bathin’s enn 36 time to draw his presence into the ritual sword/dagger. Bathin’s enn is: Dyen pretore on ca Bathin
  • With Bathin present in the sword/dagger, ask for the help you require to reach this destination as explained earlier
  • End the ritual by releasing Bathin from the sword/dagger: “I release you from this sacred vessel. Go forth and do my bidding!”
  • Store the ritual items in a safe place where they won’t be touched by anyone else. I advise keeping hold of the sigil until you’ve reached your destination and destroying it when you no longer require Bathin’s assistance.

In case you’re wondering about pronunciation of Bathin’s enn (but keep in mind that pronunciation is less important than the intent placed into the words):

Final Word: How to Summon Bathin

So I hope this helps you get wherever you wish to go faster and more safely. As mentioned before, every time I travel I like to call upon Bathin first to be on the safe side. I also have a small necklace and a Bathin’s sigil pendant that I wear during my travels.

If you want me to summon Bathin for you, consider ordering the ritual using my ritual for hire service. Talk to you soon!

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  1. A question completely off topic – while casting a summoning ritual, what are the chances of getting possessed by the summoned spirit or some other for a beginner? Even after following the ritual step by step.

    1. Not really. You could “invoke” a spirit to possess you, but this usually doesn’t have negative side effects unless you were to give up control completely. The point is to remain in control while assimilating the attributes of that spirit. I hope that makes sense.

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